Snap 2-0 Garden Hose Attachment Product Review

Snap 2-0

Snap 2-0

Use: Garden hose quick release attachment.
Cost: $9.95 + $6.95 S&H = $16.90 total
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Snap 2-0 garden hose quick release attachment claims to make attaching and removing gardens hoses from faucets and other watering device a “snap” by allowing you to slide the hose connection on and off without screwing.

To use, simply screw one end of the Snap 2-0 fitting to a garden hose and the other end of the fitting to a faucet, sprayer, or other hose attachment. The two halves of the Snap 2-0 fittings slide together and apart without screwing using an o-ring for a seal.

The Snap 2-0 worked well in our tests without leaking, though we can’t be sure how well the seal will hold up over time. At almost $17.00 for only two fittings, however, the Snap 2-0 was expensive for what you received.

Watch this video to find out more.


Danny Lipford: Now the Snap 2-0 is another product we found for the lawn and garden. Homeowner Libba Vanderbeek agreed to help me test it out.

You do a lot of gardening, you drag a lot of water hoses around.

Libba Vanderbeek: Right.

Danny Lipford: You think this could help you out?

Libba Vanderbeek: I think it could. They seem to be pretty heavy, and they have an o-ring inside, so it shouldn’t leak.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, it’s pretty good plastic and all, so let’s see. All right it’s got that.

Libba Vanderbeek: You connect this to the sprayer.

Danny Lipford: And then let’s see about the connection together here. Yeah, it does have the o-ring, Hmm, seems to work pretty well. Of course the real test is to see whether or not it will leak. We’ll turn that on in just a minute.

Libba Vanderbeek: Right, and how easily it comes apart.

Danny Lipford: Yeah, that’s true. I guess if you could get extra different fittings like this, more of the different fittings, then you could almost have it on all of your little watering devices and things like this so that..

Libba Vanderbeek: Right. So you wouldn’t have to take them off, you just put them on there and leave them permanently.

Danny Lipford: Huh, seems to work pretty well. Well, we know what the real test is. Let’s see if this thing is going to leak or not. OK, it’s on Libba. What do you think?

Libba Vanderbeek: Yeah, looks pretty tight.

Danny Lipford: Wow, that’s pretty cool. That’s great. I wonder how well it’ll hold up. You know water and then the little o-ring it’ll keep it kind of pliable. So I’d think it’d work pretty well.

Libba Vanderbeek: Probably have to change the o-ring, did the give us any extra o-rings in the kit?

Danny Lipford: I don’t think so. That’d be a neat little thing, because you know you’re going to lose them sooner or later.

Libba Vanderbeek: The other question I have is now can we change this without turning off the water?

Danny Lipford: I doubt it. You want to try it, I’ll step back.

Libba Vanderbeek: No, that’s OK.

Danny Lipford: The Snap 2.0 does seem a bit pricy with a total cost of almost $17 for essentially two different quick connections, but does deliver on its claim. And, if you’re OK with that price tag for the convenience, you should be satisfied. We give it a four out of five stars.


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