How to Make Seed Tapes

Making seed tapes can save future planting and thinning time. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Cut newspaper into 1″ wide strips.
  2. Glue your seeds to the paper using a paste of water and flour.
  3. Add a pinch of water-soluble fertilizer to each half cup of paste.
  4. Mark the appropriate seed spacing on the paper strip.
  5. After placing the seeds on the dots, completely cover each seed with a drop of paste.
  6. Let the tapes dry and store them in plastic bags.
  7. To plant, roll out your seed tapes, cover them lightly with soil, and water. The newspaper will eventually rot away as the seeds grow.


  1. Hello!
    Looking at your video: how to make a seeding tape
    You mention to storage it in a plastic bag ok.
    1 ) the wetness of the flour and water mixture doesn’t affect the seed
    Or start the germination?
    2) what about mold while in storage?
    3 ) do you have some extra advice or tips about this subject?
    Thanks in advance!


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