Scotts Nature Scapes Mulch for Your Garden

Adding a layer of mulch to your planting beds and garden is a great way to control weeds and hold moisture in the soil. Not only does Scotts Nature Scapes mulch do both, it’s guaranteed to retain its color for a year.

Scotts Nature Scapes mulch is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

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Now, if you’ve got landscaping or gardening that you’ve got on your honey-do list this spring, you’re certainly going to need to use mulch. But you know what? Not all mulches are created equal.

Now, mulch is important because it’s going to add beauty to your landscape, it’s going to prevent weeds from growing, it’s also going to help retain moisture for the soil. Well, like I said, they’re not all created equal and if you can find one that does all three of those really well you’ve hit the jackpot.

Well, you know what? You have hit the jackpot now because Scott’s has come out with Nature Scapes. Now, this is a great advanced formula because, first of all let’s talk about beauty. Most mulches will fade over just a few months but this is guaranteed to hold their color for one year. Another thing is that this is going to naturally block weeds as well, and it’s going to help you use less water when you’re watering your landscape. How?

Well, ordinary mulch actually channels the water away from the soil. This actually helps the water stay right where it’s necessary – inside the soil – to create nutrients and to water your plants and vegetables. Now again, you can get any kind of mulch out there but if you want to tackle all three, and tackle all three really well, you need to check this one out.



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