Pet Home and Yard Improvement Projects for Dogs and Cats

Watch this video to find out how to make your home and yard more pet friendly for your dog or cat, including:

    • Pet Safety: Household chemicals, drugs, and plants that can harm your dog or cat.
    • Fleas: How to prevent and rid your home of fleas from dogs and cats.
    • Fencing: Tips on how to keep your dog from digging out under a fence, and electronic containment systems that can keep dogs in your yard without the need for a fence.
    • Pet Doors: Various types of pet doors that can be installed to allow dogs and cats to come and go as they please.
    • Pet Home Damage: How to replace door weather stripping that has been damaged by dogs or cats, and how to protect wall corners and cabinets from scratching.
  • DIY Cat Window Seat: How to widen a windowsill to make a comfortable perch for cats.

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  1. Love the door with pictures and desk. I will be making one for my granddaughter. One thing I did when redoing a dining room table was got piano benches as the side chairs and you can put dinner napkins in it for storage even the family silverware.

  2. Thanks!! My cats patrol the garage and the alpha boy has taken to tearing up my dang door seal. I’m going to try that lattice trick and see how he likes “dem apples.” The other tips in the video were great too. We did put a fatter ledge on the inside bedroom window seal but we just put it on top of the old one. The kitties have a great time in the window now and get some much needed sunlight.


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