Neverkink Garden Hose for Your Yard

The Teknor Apex Neverkink Garden Hose use special NTS Reflex Mesh® technology to prevent the hose from kinking. Neverkink hoses also have anti-microbial protection to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the hose.

Neverkink garden hoses are available at The Home Depot in lengths of 50’, 75’, and 100’. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Just buy a a commercial grade water-hose and quit buying expendable garden and lawn hoses made of vinyl and stranding. I give that thing 3-5 years tops. I still have a commercial hose my father bought when I was in high school over 35 years ago. You get what you pay for.

  2. I bought a Neverkink garden hose this past May however water pours out of the black plastic piece at the female end of the hose at the spigot. This is a massive waste of water! Whenever I turned the spigot on the water pours out. There is NO leak but there are two openings on either side of the black plastic piece. Why is water allowed to pour out of the hose?

  3. Never Kink what a “Bunch O Bull S–T I bought two of these 100′ and the fact is this hose kinks just as much as any other hose I have used. Over the last couple years I have called the Company and sent in the Hose ends and received a replacement, the problem is this can go on forever the replacement hose Kinks just like the first one,there is no such thing as Never KInk.


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