Landscape Your Yard with Indigenous Plants

Indigenous plants are plants that are native to your area and have adapted over time to become better suited to local soil, temperature, and rainfall than nonnative plants. Since native plants require less water for irrigation and less fertilizer, indigenous plants are an eco-friendly, green choice for your yard.


As homeowners, we all like to have a nice-looking yard; and if you’ve got to do any kind of landscaping, let me encourage you to think about a more ecologically-friendly yard by using indigenous plants.

One of the great things about native plants is that they typically don’t need any excess fertilizer or pesticide. A startling watershed study recently discovered that up to half of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers ran-off from its intended location and into the local waterway.

Indigenous plants also help to improve the local air quality, since they reduce the dependence on some lawn maintenance equipment. And the best benefit is that it encourages visits from friendly local wildlife, like song birds and butterflies.

So when it’s time to dress up the yard, there’s no need to think exotic. Instead, go native.

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