This Flexible Pipe is Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers

Let’s face it: Nobody enjoys landscape drainage work. Most people think large rolls of flexible pipe are difficult to transport and handle.

But even before you break out the flexible pipe, there are other issues.

For instance, there’s digging the trench, which is laborious enough. But it’s also frustrating to figure out which fittings and adapters you need to get from one point to another.

Fortunately, we now have some major help from professionals who know pipes and know what works best for do-it-yourselfers. And they have taken that research and designed a product that’s friendly for DIYers and easy to install.

The folks at Flex-Drain came up with this innovative 4-inch by 10-foot solid, single-wall drain pipe. It has alternating sections of flexible and standard corrugated pipe, and takes all the guesswork out of landscape drainage work!

The winning feature is the flex in the middle. It makes long pipes easy to transport, even in a small SUV! But it also gives you a built-in elbow every 4 feet, so there’s no need for another adapter or connection. And if you’ve had to mess around with adapters, you know that saves a lot of time!

This drain pipe allows for up to 180-degree turns, and because it isn’t coiled like rolls of drain pipe, you don’t have to fight its memory when you unfold it.

Plus, this flexible pipe is lightweight, durable, low-cost and compatible with all standard 4-inch corrugated pipe and fittings.

Find Flex-Drain Pro HDPE Solid Drain Pipe at The Home Depot

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!


  1. I have an old home built back in the 1800. It was built on an incline and now after all these years the back of the house is almost even with the ground. We have dug a trench to help keep water out from under the house but I do not like how that works. What can I do to keep the water out from under the house without a big ugly trench across the back of my home?
    Thank you for any and all suggestions.

  2. Flex-Drain Pro HDPE Solid Drain Pipe – I would suggest that you not inform people of this because I live in a city that has 4 seasonal weather and it doesn’t work. Right now i am having so many issues. it cracks, leaks, and doesn’t stay level and i have had enough of it. Had it for years and am so frustrated with it. the connections does nothing but leak.

    • Hi, Helen,
      Sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve encountered with this piping.
      Product experiences (for anything we feature) will vary with user and location.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with this product.
      We hope it will help others. 🙂


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