Landscape Borders and Lawn Edging for Your Yard

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Landscape borders and edgings are used to define a planting bed or garden and separate it from the rest of your lawn or yard. Depending on the type of border or edging you choose, a border can:

  • Serve purely as a decorative element.
  • Act as a barrier to grass or weeds.
  • Help hold mulch and soil in place.

There are a number of landscape borders and edging available, including:

  • Decorative wood or plastic fence type borders
  • Ridgid plastic borders
  • Flexible plastic borders

Watch this video to find out more.


Danny Lipford: This week we’re talking about solving a lot of the problems you may have out in your yard or garden, and a lot of those problems can be solved by making the right decisions. That’s especially true when you’re talking about landscape borders like we have here. Now, of these choices, tell us some of your favorites, and maybe some of the pros and cons.

Julie Day: Well, there really are lots of options; and it kind of depends on what your purpose is. For example, this one is really easy to install, it just taps right down into the ground. But it sits on top, it’s not going to keep those roots from going underneath. It will hold back your mulch, and it will give that visual line; but that’s about all that one will do.

Danny: And this one must – with it having the points on it – must actually drive down into the ground. I wonder how successful that is?

Julie: That can work really well. You just tap that gently down into the ground. You can do whatever depth you want. If you’re trying to hold back mulch, you might leave a little bit of it sticking up. If you’re trying to prevent grass, you might want to hammer it down a little farther.

Danny: OK, alright. And this is one that’s what made out of all recycled material, right?

Julie: This is a great one made out of 100% recycled plastic. The pieces just fit together; and what’s great about them is that they are flexible, so it’s easy to do curves.

Danny: Now, I’ve used this before. This is not any fun at all to put in.

Julie: This can be difficult. You do have to dig a trench with both of these, in order to fit them in there. And then, you can decide how deep you want it. But with edgings like this, if you get it too deep, your mulch is going to spill out. If you get it too shallow, it’s going to pull out, and fall out into the yard. So you have to make sure it’s really firm in the ground.


  1. The videos on your website are in flash and therefore not viewable by those viewing your site on an Apple product. Since I use an iPhone, an iPad and an iMac computer, I can not view you videos.

    • Hi Larry,
      While Flash videos like ours are not currently viewable on iPhones and iPads, they can be viewed using Apple and Mac computers if you install a Flash plug-in. We are working on making our videos viewable on all Apple products, and hope to have them available soon. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. The recycled border is just what I was looking for…..It is easy to install and can be formed in a circle or curved……Thanks….Bob

  3. I just tore out the plastic edging in my yard. It was split from the weather and from me running my riding more on it. Very unsightly! I replaced it with steel edging. It is flexible and easy to install and should last longer than I will. ?


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