How to Trim and Prune Trees in Your Yard

Using a pruning saw to remove a limb from a tree.
Using a pruning saw to remove a limb from a tree.

When trimming the trees in your yard, use pruning shears to remove smaller branches, and a pruning saw or chain saw for large limbs. Start by taking off the bulk of the weight near the end of the branch in three-foot sections, so your last cut near the truck will not split and damage the trunk of the tree.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. We really enjoy watching your show and reviewing your web site. You provide detailed, necessary information for home owners. Thank you

  2. Just remember your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)- Safety glasses (always) and others depending on what equipment you are using. If you are using a chainsaw, you will need the following:
    – Safety Glasses
    – Hearing Protection
    – Chaps (Chainsaw protection)
    – Hard Hat
    – Boots (preferably steel toe)
    – and proper training and experience

    Chainsaws can be very dangerous, and kickback occurs at lightning speed. Be careful. Don’t be too proud to take a safety course and wear all the proper PPE.

  3. She’s doing a good job..up until the part where she goes to make her final cut and saws straight through the branch collar. “Tearing leads to disease” do you flush cuts. Don’t follow her example.


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