How to Save Water When Irrigating Flower Beds

To save water when irrigating flower beds, it’s important to distribute the water right around the roots of each plants and reduce evaporation.

To save water when irrigating flower beds:

    • Soaker Hose: This type of garden hose allows water to slowly seep through the hose, depositing water directly on the plants where it’s needed.
    • Drip Irrigation: A system of small tubes and nozzles that allows water to be slowly deposited directly on the roots of each plant.
  • Mulch: Applying mulch around plants the reduces evaporation of water into the air.

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Further Information

Danny Lipford: Beverly asks, “What do you think would be the most economical way to water my flower beds?”

When you’re looking to save money on watering your flower beds, the thing you need to do is make sure you get that water right where it’s needed—right around the roots—and reduce the amount of evaporation.

You can do that by using a soaker hose. Soaker hose is very inexpensive type of hose that basically allows water just to seep right out on all parts of the hose. That way, you can weave it in and around the plants, even bury it under the mulch if you want. So that that water can go straight to the roots; and, again, reducing the amount of evaporation.

Another way of doing this is through drip irrigation that you can hook to a regular hose, or you can integrate it into your existing irrigation system. They even have a lot of do-it-yourself kits that make it very easy to handle all of that work yourself.

Either way, the plants will love it. And if you really want to save some more, make sure you have plenty of mulch to retain that moisture.


  1. I use a soaker hose in my vegetable garden, and drip irrigation for two large planters at the head of my driveway, two large planters flanking the sides of our front porch, and for a large whiskey barrel planter in a garden area out away from the house out front. I use timers with a couple splitters to run hoses and the irrigation lines to the appropriate plants. I never have to go out to fight the bugs or heat just to water my special plants. They water automatically baden on my settings. And the water is controlled, not wasted. I strongly recommend these ways to keep your plants watered. Plus you can be out or away for days and not have to worry about getting home to water your plants or garden.

  2. We have a caravan in Spain which we leave in situ all year I have aquired a lot of plants in pots but we return to the uk in April until October I have adrip feed system but not sure what to set the timer to. Last year it dripped slowly but all the time and I think it was too wet most plants died I also have cyclamen will they died off now so should I just put them to one side dry u til Oct. Hope you ca n help thank you norma


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