How to Prevent Deer from Damaging Plants in Your Yard

Deer can be a nuisance that can damage or destroy plants in your yard or garden. While there are many products on the market to keep deer away, most do not work.

Here are a couple home remedies you might want to try to keep deer away from your lawn or garden:

  • Mix a gallon of water with six eggs and a sticking agent and spray it on your plants.
  • Tie pieces of green deodorant soap to your prize plants. The smell can help keep deer away from your garden.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


  1. Here is a very low tech, inexpensive, foolproof method to deter deer from plants. Put in small wooden stakes about 1-2 feet from the perimeter of your beds (on the edge will work if you have the room. Make sure they are firmly planted with at least 6-8″ above ground. Tie clear fishing line (small, 10 lb) from stake to stake. The deer cannot see the line and when they touch it, it scares them. Has never failed for any of our plants, including figs, blueberries, and annual and perennial flowers. We have many deer.


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