How to Lay Sod and Plant Grass Seed in Your Yard

Sod is great for an instant lawn, but it can cost 10 times as much as grass seed and require more labor to install. Watch this video for some helpful tips on how to go about planting grass seed or laying sod in your yard.


  1. would like to sod front yard grass is now dry and brittle I did put down weed and feed to get rid of weeds which were abundant Yesterday was first rain fall only about two hours what do you suggest till the lawn aerroate the lawn or just lay sod over exisitng lawn have heard pro and con on all Help

  2. My neighbor gave me 2 pallets of sod yet it sat in her front yard for 7 days covered in plastic because of downpouring rain when I unrolled the they are extremely yellow and falling apart. Is there anyway to salvage all this sod?

    • Hi, Wesley!
      It’s possible that this sod can survive.
      The yellow could just be from lack of light/air — or it could be mildew/fungus from being under wraps.
      Since it’s free, we would give it a shot and plant it.
      Tell us how it goes!


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