How to Landscape a Steep Hillside on Your Yard

John Deere provided the heavy equipment to improve the looks and control erosion on this steep hillside at a home in Windham, New Hampshire while landscaper Ron Hill of Shady Hill Greenhouses & Nursery provided the manpower and shared his expertise with me on how to prepare the soil and plant the dozens of ornamental grasses and other plants to anchor the soil in place.

Once the grass and weeds had been removed, additional topsoil and amendments were brought in and spread out over the area. When the steeply sloping ground was ready, Ron and his crew positioned large accent rocks then began planting.

To hold the soil in place and prevent weeds from growing, a thick layer of mulch was applied around the plants. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I have two steep hills in the front of my house that go into an acre pond. There are landscape rocks down both sides, however weeds have taken over and I’m tired of dealing with it every year. My question is, how can I start all over and get rid of weeds and plant beautiful shrubs, plants, flowers, etc.?

    Any help will be appreciated,

  2. He barely scratched the roots. I always open up them up; & I make sure the plants & the holes BOTH have been watered. These plants will not thrive as they should. But I suppose landscapers have no difficulty charging to come back & replace plants that didn’t survive.

  3. We just bought 5.8 acres that happened to come with a pretty nice house. The problem is that with the exception of where the house is and where the barn is it is entirely steep hills. All of which are covered in horrible weeds and blackberries. We don’t plan on doing any planting on the hills. We just don’t want them to continue growing and get closer to our house. We talked about getting a goat. But I feel like there is probably a faster way to get rid of them.

  4. Hi. I’ve seen only a few of your videos and they are interesting. However, do you have any interest for California? Your steep slope videos are more gentle in nature! Our homes are terraced and the top of the house below me is level with the backyard ground! I’d like to plant bushes on that type of slope. Just wandering..

  5. I recently bought a home in Oregon on the South Ump qua River in my back yard area, The river is at least 100 feet down a very steep bank that is covered with black berry bushes and briers. The river comes up this bank probably at least half way if not more in the winter, And its the black berry bushes and all the other briers roots that currently hold this steep bank from eroding. My Question is, What could I DO,,inexpensively BUT of course with great. manual labor to clean this god offal looking mess up, without causing more damage than good, The bank is my property and it goes half way out in the river ,,The river gets real low in summer time,,But can and will get real high in winter, The last flood was in 1964 , But just weeks ago it got close to half way up this steep bank. So I would like to some how be able to use this area in the summer But then also support it for the winter high waters. Any Ideas, Thank U for your time.


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