How to Grow Succulents in Containers

Succulents are perfect plants for container gardening.

They naturally grow in arid areas and store water internally to hold them over between waterings.

Unlike many houseplants, they actually do well in hot sun and poor soil, which also means they thrive in pots.

Succulents come in a wide variety of distinctive colors and shapes. It’s easy to get creative when you’re combining succulents in a container.

Attractive, forgiving and easy to grow, succulents are an excellent way to bring some beauty to your container gardens.

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  1. I’ve gotten into a craze of making succulent landscapes in containers. I’m giving some at presents… how can I stop them killing their gifts..

  2. I am having a terribly hard time with alone vera & succulents chicks & dicks!! So far I haven’t camrnacross any of the forgiving! Are succulents more of alkaline plant or acidic? Is there such a thing as neutral ground and or dirt? Not only am I having time with the above mentioned but also growing grass. Trying to figure out ph thing now see if that helps ? I always been full moon fertilizer & cutting or pruning Kinda girl! Dead heading pretty much majority of flowers & bushes trees!


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