To grow new African violets, use a sterile knife and cut off a healthy leaf as near the base as possible. Dip the stem in rooting hormone then push it through a piece of paper and place the stem in water until it develops roots.

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Danny: Tricia, when I think of African Violets, I always think of them as being a very delicate plant.

Tricia: They are delicate, and I just love how velvety they look.

Danny: Yeah, they’re real pretty.

Tricia: In the past, we’ve talked about not getting water on the plants because the leaves have all of these little nice furry things. But today, I’m talking about how to make more of these beautiful plants.

Danny: Is that right. You can make them duplicate themselves.

Tricia: Yes. You can propagate them. There are quite a few plants that you can do that with and this is one of them. What I’m going to start with is using sterilized knives. It’s very important that you’re not transferring any kind of germs of any sort from one plant to another. Always make sure you wash the knife first. And then I’m going to find a healthy leaf, and I’m going to cut way down there. I’ve just cut as you can see part of the stem.

Now, there are some wonderful products out, and this is simply a rooting hormone. The next step is that you want to dip the leaf into that hormone and make sure that it really kicks around there. And then what I like to do is just stick it through paper. And again, I’m keeping the top part dry, and I’m just going to put it in water. Now, what’s going to happen is that over time the stem will begin to show little roots. And as soon as they look strong enough, I’m going to transplant it to a nice pot.

Danny: Sounds easy.

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