How to Create a Path in Your Yard with Stepping Stones

Allen Lyle laying a stepping stone path.
Allen Lyle laying a stepping stone path.

If you have a well traveled path in your yard to a destination such as a shade arbor or garden, consider defining the path with stepping stones.

To create a path with stepping stones:

  1. Layout Path: Lay the stepping stones out on the ground and position them in a comfortable stride pattern.
  2. Cut Around Stones: Use a sharp tool, such as a trowel or knife to cut through the sod around the stepping stones.
  3. Dig Holes for Stones: Set the stepping stones aside, and remove the sod and topsoil with a trowel or flat shovel, making the hole a bit deeper and wider than the stones.
  4. Add Sand or Gravel Base: Create a solid base for the stepping stones by adding a layer of gravel or sand inside of the holes.
  5. Position Stones: Place the stepping stones in the holes, tamping down and leveling each one flush with the lawn.
  6. Fill Around Stones: Fill the gap around the stepping stones with sand to keep the stones from shifting.

This method can be used with any type of stepping stone, including concrete pavers, bricks, and natural stone. Watch this video to find out more.

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