Homemade Rain Barrel for Your Yard

Rain barrels are a great way to save and store water for use on your lawn or garden. While commercial models are available, you can also make your own rain barrel from a plastic garbage can. Watch our video on How to Make a Rain Barrel for Your Yard to find out how.


Using a rain barrel is one of those no-brainer ideas. It’s the perfect solution for free additional landscape watering. Some of the rain barrel systems on the market are pretty expensive, but here’s how you can create your own for about fifty bucks. Start with a rugged 32-gallon garbage can, drill a hole near the bottom and put in a hose bib using rubber washers on each side and a nut to hold it in place. Next, cut a hole in the top for a strainer basket to help keep out leaves and twigs. Be sure to drill some small holes in the edge of the lid to be able to fasten it securely with zip ties. Place the can on some cinder blocks and attach your downspout into the strainer basket and you’ve got your own rain barrel. You can attach a hose and open the hose bib to water any plants or, attach a soaker hose and run it around the plants in your flower bed and, all the water is free!



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