To make a homemade, nutrient rich, organic tea for your plants:

  1. Mix compost and alfalfa in a bucket full of water.
  2. Stir the mixture, and let it soak for several days.
  3. Use the nutrient rich mixture to water your plants.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Tricia, a lot of the tips that you share with us involved making different mixtures. I guess you do a lot of mixing at your home.

Tricia Craven Worley: I do. I do a lot of mixing, and today I’m going to make tea.

Danny: Okay, what kind of tea, and what’s it good for?

Tricia: Well, it’s not for you, but actually it’s a great tea for plants. And what I’m going to do is just use some compost and some alfalfa. Now, I actually have alfalfa here, but you could also use alfalfa pellets. Both of these things are very, very good for nutrition in the soil.

Danny: Okay.

Tricia: So what I’m going to do is take maybe a shovel full, I’m going to use my hands in this instance, of the composted matter.

Danny: Okay, then starts stirring the dish?

Tricia: Please, start stirring. And then a couple of handfuls of the alfalfa, and remember you can also use the pellets. And what this is doing is it’s making literally a tea just like you would sip a tea at home. So likewise, just like you need to let it have time to get brown, you’re going to let this get brown.

Danny: Okay, now do you fill this all the up to the top?

Tricia: Yes, in this instance this is about a 5-gallon batch. So this is something that you might want to keep on the patio for your patio plants.

Danny: Yes, I see.

Tricia: And so when you water them you’re also giving them the nutrition.

Danny: Okay, and then you just let it sit there a couple of days, and water it from time to time . . . I mean stir it from time to time?

Tricia: Stir it from time to time, and when it’s all poured out, you can actually use the matter at the bottom to put around your plants for some composting. Now, I have a friend who’s an organic gardener, and he uses a manure tea.

Danny: Oh, is that right? I hope he has a lid on that.

Tricia: He does! So 32 gallon, and he just uses it all the time for his roses, and he’s an award winner.

Danny: That sounds great!

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