Garden Groom Product Review

Use: Electric hedge trimmer that collects clippings.
Cost: $99.99 + $6.95 S&H = $106.94 total
Rating: ★★★★½

In this product review, we tested the Garden Groom electric hedge trimmer against a standard trimmer to see which one did a faster and neater job.

At six pounds, the Garden Groom is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Unlike standard hedge trimmers, the Garden Groom uses an enclosed, 9” diameter blade rotating at high speed. The revolving blade is claimed to produce a cyclonic action to capture and shred clippings for easy disposal.

In our test on a boxwood hedge, the Garden Groom was as fast or faster than a standard hedge trimmer. It was much neater, too, doing a good job of gathering and storing the clippings in the base.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Allen Lyle: All right, Talaine. Now, according to these people, they say it’s so light weight, six pounds, that even senior citizens and women can do it. We’re actually going to try this out. Your blade is enclosed. That’s one of the nice features about it. It spins so fast that it creates a cyclonic action that apparently is supposed to pull all your clippings inside here, and it shreds them to one tenth of their original size. So let’s test it out and afterwards you give me your opinion on it.

Talaine Dykes: Okay.

Danny Lipford: The Garden Groom looks a little bit like a space ship hovering over the hedge, but really seems to be making quick work of the job. In fact, Talaine’s side is going a lot faster than Allen’s. And it looks a little neater, too.

Allen Lyle: All right, so you looked like you were going a little faster than me.

Talaine Dykes: Mmm-hmm.

Allen Lyle: Tell me what you think about it. Your honest opinion now.

Talaine Dykes: Well, it is lightweight. It seemed to do it pretty quickly. Obviously, it’s a lot less mess. I would actually give it a high rating.

Danny Lipford: At over $100, the Garden Groom is a bit pricey for a hedge trimmer, but it does live up to its promises. So we’re giving it a four and a half out of five rating.


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