How to Make a Fan Trellis for Your Yard

A wood trellis makes a great addition to a wall or fence. Here’s how to go about making a wood fan trellis for your yard:

  1. Stack five 8′ long pressure treated 1×2’s and secure one end together with screws or bolts.
  2. Lay the stack on a hard flat surface, and nail or screw another 1×2 to the center board in the stack a foot or so from the top of the trellis.
  3. Fan out each of the two outer trellis pieces to the distance desired and nail or screw them to the cross member.
  4. Attach additional cross members at the desired height, alternating the sides of the trellis.
  5. Position the base of the structure in the ground.
  6. Plant lightweight vines, such as jasmine or honeysuckle, at the base of the trellis.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. My Brother caught part of the TV show about builing the fan shaped trellis and wanted the plans for it. He does not have a computer. Please email them to me and I will print and send to him. I truly appreciate your help with this request. Thanks, shelia hawthorne


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