EZ Jet Water Cannon Product Review

Use: Garden hose nozzle for outdoor cleaning
Cost: $19.95 + $7.95 S&H = $27.90 total
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Ads for the EZ Jet Water Cannon claim it cleans with the power of a pressure washer; but when I tested it on a grungy deck, it provided little in the way of cleaning power.

The EZ Jet attaches to a garden hose for cleaning outside your home. It includes eight different nozzle settings and a built-in reservoir for soap. Other than the advantage of dispensing soap while spraying, the EZ Jet provided about the same pressure and cleaning power as a standard hose nozzle though it cost four times as much.


  1. The one I picked up was from “as seen as TV” at one my area malls. I totally agree with the review 1 out of 5, in fact mine leaked from the liquid soap dispenser to areas around the control knob. My $2.99 garden nozzle does a better job and no water is wasted. Totally a waste of money folks.

  2. I received a Jet Cannon that was defective. The soap cup is cracked and where you screw the hose in is plastic and stripped. There is also no instructions nor a contact number to register my complaint.Also there’s a little hose attachment that I don’t know what it’s used for.Please contact me and give me a solution to my problem.

  3. I purchased 2 guns last year & neither of them work this year. When hooked up the water comes out the side of the gun. What do I do. Will I get a refund?

  4. I purchased EZ Jet water cannon spray gun today, but it is not working at all . Please don’t buy . It’s simply waste of 1000 rupees . Today on amazon I saw it’s just rs 430

  5. I purchased this item through an ad on Facebook. This is a total waste of money. I didn’t even get to try it out because it will not connect to any garden hose I own. Probably because of the cheap PLASTIC coupling it has on it. It just gets mangled by the hose coupling. Doesn’t really matter that I didn’t get to try it after I read all the bad reviews. Never again! Will buy American from now on.


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