Economical Gardening

We’re all interested in making our money go farther, and the money we spend on landscaping is no exception. The first and most obvious idea is to not waste your money. Lots of homeowners spend huge amounts on plants that end up in the wrong locations. They grow too big, don’t grow at all or just can’t survive. This is where some expert advice is needed. Check with the pros at the nursery or garden center, or even pay for a consultation with a landscape designer.

If you’re investing lots of cash on plants, a little more for advice on “what, where and how” is money well spent. When it comes to buying plants, comparison shop and get the best deal. Consider buying trees late in the season when the demand and the prices are down. If you’re renting equipment like tillers or aerators, consider going in with friends or neighbors to split the cost and consolidate the effort. The key to controlling cost in the garden is in the planning, and the added benefit is a landscape that makes you proud.


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