Easy Hose Watering Tip for Your Garden

Watering garden with hose attached to shovel.
Secure a hose to a spade handle to direct water to a specific area.

To water a specific area of your lawn or garden with a hose:

    1. Plant a spade or shovel in the ground.
    1. Use rubber bands to attach the hose to the shovel near the hose nozzle.
  1. Turn the water on and adjust the hose nozzle to the proper spray setting.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Every time I drop by your house, you put me to work out in the garden. It’s a little monotonous just standing here watering.

Trisha Craven Worley: Oh, Danny, aren’t you getting in the Zen mode?

Danny Lipford: Not really. No.

Trisha Craven Worley: Well you know, even if people have irrigation systems, there are certain areas of the garden that need more water. Now I’m trying to get this ground cover to take off, and I’ve put some fertilizer on it recently. So I need to make sure it gets some more water, so it doesn’t burn out.

Danny Lipford: OK, all right. Well, I can see where this would make a difference. But still it takes forever to stand here and do this when I’m sure there’s other things you want me to do.

Trisha Craven Worley: Well, I have a very simple solution for you.

Danny Lipford: OK.

Trisha Craven Worley: Nice little spade here.

Danny Lipford: All right. How’s that going to help me?

Trisha Craven Worley: Well, I have a really low-tech method for us to free up your hands for some other work.

Danny Lipford: Oh, great.

Trisha Craven Worley: I have some rubber bands, I don’t know I guess there about four rubber bands here. We’re just going to put this around here, if you’ll give me this.

And I’m going to put this in here, and you see the rubber band helps lock it in position. And we get this out here, and we’re going to turn this nozzle back and voilà, an extra pair of hands.

Danny Lipford: Well, that works pretty good, and I guess you always have a spade around when you’re doing work out in the yard. And this is a heck of a lot easier than digging up your whole garden putting in an irrigation system in.

Trisha Craven Worley: Uh-huh. Well you know the other nice part about this, Danny, is because it is so easy to move, I can do just that. And the fact I’m using this kind of nozzle I can turn it off, and then move it without getting wet to the next location.

Danny Lipford: Well, that’s a great idea. A real good one.

Trisha Craven Worley: And that frees you up for a little bit more work. Are you ready?

Danny Lipford: Of course. Oh, year. Oh, the rake.

Trisha Craven Worley: Here you go!

Danny Lipford: All right.


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