DuraZone Weed and Grass Killer

If you have a problem with weeds or grass growing where they shouldn’t—such as cracks in patios, sidewalks, or driveways—DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer from Bayer Advanced may be the answer.

DuraZone is effective on all types of grass and weeds and prevents them from coming back for up to six months. DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer is available at The Home Depot.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know, so often on these segments I show you products that help your lawn look green and lush all summer long. Well, what if you got areas where you don’t want the grass to grow and you certainly don’t want those weeds to grow?

Well, here’s a good product for you to keep in mind. This is by Bayer. This is their DuraZone. And what this does is this is a weed and grass killer. This is perfect for areas like your sidewalk or your driveway, where you have those pesky little weeds coming up. Or if you’ve got a play area with pea gravel down for your kids, you don’t want the weeds or the grass coming up through there.

So what you can do is just spray one application of this, it covers about 650 square feet. And with that one application not only will you kill the grass and the weeds, but it will prevent new grass and new weeds from growing up to six months. So you’re not having to go back out there throughout the summer and spray one application after the other. One application will do the trick and keep them at bay for about six months. So if you’re in the market for this, this is a good product to keep on hand.


  1. We have so much weeds on our lawn. My husband used diluted DuraZone weed and grass killer & spray over our lawn around May 11th, then cut the grass really short on a May 16th. I am not sure if my grass is dormant or dead. Most of the area no longer has green color. There are spots with green colors. I signed up with lawn care company. They aerated & seeded on May 23rd. They sprayed weeds control fiesta and fertilized the lawn on May 28th. I have been watering lawn day & evening since May 23rd but the grass still look like straws. Should I continue water? Can I add top soil & grass seed? Help!

  2. This product was accidently sprayed on 1500 sq ft of lawn and now is turning into a sea of mud .the company nothing you can do but wait 6 months .That not acceptable. Is thete some how I can throw on a layer of top soil and scrape off some of the existing soil or perhaps fertilize the dead ground to bring if back to life .
    Looking for answers

    • Hi, Rick,

      Danny says, “The only way I could see correcting this quickly would be to remove a portion of the contaminated soil, 3-4 inches in the affected area. Of course, this would be a lot of work.
      “Another possibility would be to spread a high-quality topsoil over the affected area and use a rototiller to mix it in thoroughly.

      Good luck!”

    • Hi, Allan,

      TodaysHomeowner.com features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
      We don’t offer information on individual home builders and suppliers, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for this information.

      Thanks for your question, and good luck!

  3. Immediately after mowing, our centipede lawn starts shooting up “spikes” for lack of a better word. It makes the lawn look like it needs mowed again, not because of grass height, but because of the spikes. Other than mowing every two or three days, is there anything that can be done to prevent this? Some of our neighbors seem to have the same problem while others not so much. Would it be the sod that was installed?

    • Hi, Earl,

      Gardening and landscaping questions can be tricky since the rules can change based on the region. We would suggest contacting your local Master Gardeners association.
      Master gardeners train on a range of topics so they can provide advice, at no charge, for people in their area.

      Thanks for your question, and good luck!


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