Drip Irrigation Conserves Water

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient methods of watering, since it is delivered gradually and targets plants directly. This conserves water by minimizing waste through evaporation and overspray. Systems deliver water by a slow drip or through microspray heads. Drip irrigation is also great for rainwater collected in barrels, since little pressure is needed.


You can’t actually see what this is, but I have a single grain of sand here on the tip of my finger. If I put it on this table, it’s no big deal. But if I kept putting a single grain down at a steady pace, eventually, I’d have a pretty impressive pile of sand. If you put the same principle into effect with water, then you’re talking about drip irrigation, and that’s one of the most cost-effective watering solutions you can put into practice at your home. Drip irrigation minimizes water use to a fraction of normal watering by slowly delivering water directly to the roots of your plants in very slow drips or with micro-spray heads. It’s perfect for gardens, flowerbeds and even hanging plants. You can even combine drip irrigation with harvested rainwater. And the benefits are healthy plants and hundreds of gallons of water saved every year.


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