Do It! Repair a Flagstone Walkway

This flagstone walkway is missing some stones and mortar. That can be hazardous, so it’s time to fix it.

Rarely are flagstone walkways completely smooth. But if stones or mortar are missing, they can become unsightly and dangerous.

To replace missing stones, you’ll need stones of similar size and thickness to what already exists. You may have to do some chipping to make the new pieces fit the voids. Do this slowly and whittle away from the edge so you don’t remove too much material.

Once the stones are dry fit, you’re ready to mix up the mortar. We’re using a pre-mixed mortar that only requires the addition of water. Remove the stones and apply some mortar each location. Then replace the stones, pressing them into the mortar.

To replace missing mortar around the existing stones, mix the mortar a little thinner so it runs into the cracks when applied to the joints. As the mortar begins to dry, you’ll want to clean it off the face of the stones using a mason brush or a sponge along with a light spray from a garden hose.

When the mortar is completely dry, clean the entire surface with a masonry or stone cleaning solution. This is necessary to prepare it for the application of a sealer.

Applying the sealer will protect the stones and the mortar so that the walkway remains safe and attractive for a long time.

Watch the video above to see the process step by step.

This segment was featured in the “Win Danny & His Crew” episode of “Today’s Homeowner” that featured Rebecca West of Santa Rosa, California.


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