Creating a Backyard Paradise for Our 2016 Contest Winner

Carissa Scarpa of Beaufort, S.C., was the enthusiastic winner of our annual Backyard Paradise contest, sponsored by Pavestone.

Carissa’s new backyard paradise features a spacious 400-square-foot paver patio, and a winding path of pavers connects it to the house. Under the gazebo, a coffee table made of stone and concrete provides a hub for conversation. In one corner a custom gas grill enclosure guarantees that guests will be well fed, while the opposite corner boasts spacious bench seating and a stone fire pit to chase away the chill on cool evenings.


  1. I purchased this house September 01/2008. From the start l was so excited to be a first time homeowners. Every dime, every moment l could spare, l’ve decorated built, and created a home to be proud of, and so it was achieved, 2011 l had to retire from my dream job taking care of the elderly and very disabled children. Over the years of lifting and caring for the sick. I became ill myself and had to go on social security, after a few months of depression and lots of praying l decided to open my home to homeless mothers and their children. Over the years it took a toll on the house, and this once wonderful home is now in some disarray with my health l can not catch up even with helpers l find myself out of money and still the work isn’t done or worse then before. I need someone with compassion for the concerns of others, this home is a gift from God, l promised Him l will care for this home and anyone who walk past the door. Help!


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