Compost Bin

Even the most novice gardeners know the benefits of using compost in their gardens, but nobody wants to look at a compost pile. One solution is a pre-fab compost bin made of plastic. Most of these units are compact in size and have removable lids that allow you to add material to the compost.

The design should allow plenty of air and water to get into the mix, so the organic material can properly decompose. The only real work included here is occasionally stirring or rotating the compost.

For a great DIY project, check out our article on How to Build a Compost Bin.

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  1. I’d like to have the project plans for your compost bin construction seen on the Weather Channel in the last few weeks. I cannot find this project as noted at Home Depot..and, hope you can help us with this. Thanks.

    • Hi June,
      We have no control over whether which projets The Weather Channel posts on its website, however, we will try to post instructions for how to make a similiar compost bin on our website soon.

  2. We have also been trying to find the plans at like the tv spot points to and can’t find the plans. We’d like to build a similar bin and would like some instructions. Thanks!


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