Building a Backyard Paradise in New Jersey

This week, we’re in Glassboro, New Jersey to create a beautiful outdoor area for our Backyard Paradise contest winner.

Jeff Lynch entered our Backyard Paradise contest and was selected as the lucky winner. We’re giving his backyard a makeover with help from our friends at Quikrete and Pavestone.

Read on to learn about some of the projects we tackled. 

Kichler lights used in Backyard Paradise episode 1010
These landscape lights provided by Kichler show off Jeff’s new garden beds filled with lush plants and flowers.

Adding Landscape Lighting

This backyard could use a bit more ambiance, so Chelsea installs some landscaping lights provided by our friends at Kichler.

The lights accent the patio and newly added greenery in Jeff’s yard. Plus, armed with just a power drill and screws, they’re easy to install! 

Chelsea installing the new gutter to Backyard Paradise winners garage
Chelsea installs a new gutter to protect Jeff’s new countertops.

Installing Gutters on the Garage

We’re going to set Jeff up with a new paver patio and seating area, and we know he’ll want to protect those additions from the elements.

To protect Jeff’s new table and patio from water coming off the garage roof, we’re installing a gutter along the adjacent wall. 

There wasn’t one before because Jeff didn’t have a patio to worry about being water damaged — that’s about to change. 

And when it does, he won’t have to worry during the next downpour!

Chelsea touching up the steps to Jeff Lynch's New Jersey home
Repairing and touching up the steps were on Jeff’s to-do list, but since he won our contest, we’re tackling these chores for him.

Touching up the Steps

Jeff left us a note saying he really needed to repair and touch up his steps leading down to the patio. 

This past winter left Jeff’s steps in bad shape — the boards and the posts were wobbly and littered with chipped paint. 

We’re fixing them up to match with the rest of the backyard’s design!

Building a Concrete Countertop 

The Backyard Paradise Contest winner usually gets a Pavestone patio and high-end design elements to match it, and we’ve got something special planned for Jeff’s patio: a concrete countertop! 

First, we create the countertop’s mold, and then mix the concrete, add color cement and pour it into the mold. Then we wait for the concrete countertop to cure and install it on paver blocks. 

Watch How to Build an Outdoor Countertop for more information


Paver Chairs 

Jeff wanted a backyard where he could entertain. However, before, there was no dedicated space for people to sit or hang out. 

We’ve worked with Ted and Ty from Pavestone many times — so Jeff had nothing to worry about! 

Designing paver chairs was a first for us, Jeff and Pavestone! They specifically designed these chairs for this project while Chelsea designed the seat for these specially made chairs!

Watch High-End Patio Seating: How to Create Paver Chairs for more information

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, pictured with the Pavestone team, in Glassboro, New Jersey
This Backyard Paradise marks another successful partnership with Pavestone and Quikrete.

Production Thoughts

When we first arrived at Jeff Lynch’s New Jersey home, we were excited to give him a backyard he could create new memories in. 

There was no space for entertaining friends and family, only a walkway and a propane-powered grill. 

Now, Jeff has a beautiful paver patio that enhances his home as well as the landscaping surrounding his home. And a walkway that flows effortlessly to the driveway. 

The focal point of the backyard is the large firepit that’s framed by Luna pavers from Pavestone as well as the specially designed stone chairs. 

The grilling area is wrapped with RumbleStone blocks so it blends right in with the pavers. The charcoal concrete countertops and table are a beautiful contrast and make a statement thanks to Quikrete. 

Jeff now has a backyard paradise that we were so happy to be a part of!

Special Thanks:

  • Quikrete
  • Pavestone
  • Kichler

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  1. Danny,
    Regarding: Paver job at Jeff Lynch’s New Jersey home…
    THAT is what I want at my home! Absolutely Beautiful!
    I have entered the Backyard Paradise contest and included photos and a short video.
    The photos and video are from this past 2021 summer and fall as my yard is covered in snow now.
    Even if I do not win the contest, this is what I want and I WILL have even if I have to get a part-time job to pay for the materials and do the work myself!

    Love watching your shows, reading your emails and viewing all of your videos!

    I really like that Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent… Heading to Home Depot to pick up 2 today (10 percent off as a Military Veteran).

    Gary E Meunier

    Drafted: 1969 – RA: 1970
    US Army Paratrooper: 1970-1973 (MOS: 11B2P)
    Alpha Co, 2nd Bat, 505th PIR, 3rd BCT, 82nd Airborne Division
    Life Member: Vietnam Veterans of America
    Life Member: 82nd Airborne Division Assoc.

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