Installing Paver Base and Sand

The guys dump pallet after pallet of paver base, which is crushed stone, and then tamp it down.

Next, we compact the base material into a solid foundation and add a sand base. We use two 1-inch metal pipes and a level to determine the proper slope from the back of the house down toward the front of the patio. Then we start laying the sand and screed it with a 2-by-4.   

Adding paver base and sand in Hurricane, West Virginia
This paver patio will have Portland cement, paver base and sand as a strong foundation.

The team lays Pavestone’s Clayton pavers in a herringbone formation because it’s the strongest pattern and has the most pavers touching each other. So, this will be very tight once it’s all in place.

After screeding the sand and laying the pavers comes the next part: spreading the sand that’s going to lock it all together and provide excellent drainage.

Finally, the Pavestone team strategically places paver columns in locations where they can run café lights back and forth from the house.

Installation is easy. They just stick pipe in the hollow of some pavers and pour in some Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix and water. And the lights add a lot of ambiance to this backyard!

Beautiful Dyna-Glo gas grill with Pavestone grill surround
Nothing takes a home’s appearance from average to high end like a built-in grill.

Building a Grill Surround and Fire Pit

This paver patio is loaded with amenities. After about 6 feet of the paver surface is complete, the guys bring in a new grill so they can build a paver surround for it.

All gas grills need venting along the back, so the Pavestone guys add diagonal placement of pavers to let air flow through to keep the grill cool while cooking. This project is very DIY-friendly because there’s not much cutting involved at all!

The crew ties into the retaining wall at one end to create a fire pit that should keep this backyard patio warm during those chilly West Virginia winters.

Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, with Donna and Steven Petry, and Pavestone workers in a Hurricane, West Virginia backyard
‘Today’s Homeowner’ hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, with the Petry family and Pavestone team.

Post-Production Thoughts

Donna and Steven had a great backyard, but all the individual elements just weren’t working together. The finish was peeling off the small deck and the handrails were rotting and unsafe.

The tiny grilling area wasn’t very attractive or comfortable, and while the fire pit was a nice addition, it was just that: added on and not connected to other areas.

Now, there’s a beautiful paver patio that ties everything together! The newly repaired and re-stained deck flows seamlessly into the patio, which also includes plenty of space for Steven to cook at the brand new grilling station.

There’s also room for everyone to enjoy the meal, and a spot to relax afterward with a larger fire pit that’s tied right into the patio and retaining wall.

New columns around the patio support strings of café lights to keep the fun going long after dark.

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