The Best Lawn Care in Jacksonville (2023)

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Although all of Florida gets plenty of sunshine, north Florida cities like Jacksonville do occasionally get a bit of cold weather in addition to a lot of heat. While Jacksonville temperatures dip below freezing an average of nine times per year, according to BestPlaces, even one freeze can damage your turfgrass.

Combined with the fact that Jacksonville is a sprawling city with a large average lawn size, northeast Florida homeowners can benefit from regular lawn maintenance from a professional lawn care company. Lawn care companies offer different types of lawn and garden care and landscaping maintenance services, and there’s almost certainly a company out there that offers exactly what your yard needs.

We’ve researched a variety of lawn care companies in Jacksonville, Florida, to recommend the best lawn care companies in Duval County. Keep reading for our top lawn care recommendations.

Top 5 Lawn Care Companies in Jacksonville

  1. TruGreen
  2. Sunday
  3. McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping
  4. C & L Landscape, Inc.
  5. Greenthumb Landscapers

1. TruGreen

Local address: 5605 Florida Mining Boulevard, Suite 1-6, Jacksonville East, FL 32257

Phone number: 1-866-817-2287

Our score: 96

TruGreen has been an industry leader in the lawn care business since its founding in 1969. This nationwide company offers five lawn care plans, including everything from weed control and fertilizer to aeration and tree and shrub care.

TruGreen makes it easy to purchase a full year of services backed by its Healthy Lawn Guarantee. With this guarantee, TruGreen will send a technician to tend to your lawn between regularly scheduled visits if you’re not satisfied with the appearance or health of your lawn.

Compare TruGreen’s five lawn care plans below:

Healthy Lawn Analysis
Healthy Lawn Guarantee
Weed control✔*
Aeration and overseeding1 visit1 visit1 visit
Tree and shrub care
Visits per year88878
*The TruNatural plan uses organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control methods.

If you only want one lawn care treatment, you can purchase the following services individually:

  • Aeration
  • Soil analysis and amendment
  • TruShield tick and flea control
  • Grub control and prevention
  • Mosquito defense
  • Fire ant defense
  • Tree and shrub care

Benefits of TruGreen

  • All plans include a soil analysis and amendment
  • Includes the Healthy Lawn Guarantee with every plan
  • Offers pest control services

TruGreen Prices

While prices may vary based on your exact location and lawn size, plans start at just $29.95 for the first month and $49 per month for the rest of the year. The more treatments you receive, the more your plan will cost.

TruGreen Service Areas

TruGreen offers its services in 48 states, including all areas of Jacksonville.

To get a free quote for TruGreen’s lawn care plans in your area, call 1-877-386-6512 or fill out this simple online form.

2. Sunday

Our score: 88

There’s no local listing for Sunday because it’s not a traditional lawn care company. Instead, Sunday offers DIY “smart lawn care” plans. The company sends you what you need in roughly eight shipments per year and you apply the treatments using your garden hose. Here are some of the products the company may include in each shipment:

  • Bare Repair grass seed and fertilizer
  • Fescue Rescue, Kentucky’s Best, Shade Select and Bermuda Time grass seed blends
  • Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom herbicides
  • Pet Patch spot repair
  • Mosquito Deleto, Nix Ticks and Ant Adios pesticides

Although this kind of do-it-yourself lawn care plan isn’t for everyone, it’s a good alternative to consider. You’ll have the power of science and expert knowledge behind your lawn care without needing an advanced degree in horticulture.

Benefits of Sunday

  • Its products are tailored to fit your lawn’s exact needs
  • Donates a portion of each sale to preserve wildlife habitats
  • Its fertilizer and pest control products are non-toxic and bio-based

Sunday Prices

Sunday makes custom plans for each lawn, so you’ll need to contact the company for a free estimate. However, its seasonal lawn care plans begin at $109, which is less expensive than a year of traditional lawn care services.

Sunday Service Areas

Since Sunday ships its products right to your home, it’s available everywhere.

For a free quote from Sunday, enter your address into this online form.

3. McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping

Local address: 4010 Ruby Drive W, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone number: 904-894-9940

Our score: 86

In business since 2001, McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping offers yard services including mowing, re-sodding, irrigation, fertilization, debris removal, mulching and landscape design. You can also sign a contract for regular lawn maintenance services, which will afford you priority when it comes to scheduling. All technicians are licensed and insured and have workers’ compensation insurance.

Benefits of McDaniel’s Lawn Care

  • Is locally owned and operated
  • Offers tree and hedge trimming, sod installation and irrigation system maintenance
  • Has consistently positive customer reviews across multiple third-party review platforms

McDaniel’s Lawn Care Prices

McDaniel’s services are by estimate only.

McDaniel’s Lawn Care Service Areas

If you live anywhere in Duval, Clay or St. Johns County, McDaniel’s will service your yard. This includes cities such as Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine.

Visit the McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping website and provide your contact information to receive a free estimate for your desired services.

4. C & L Landscape, Inc.

Local address: 1601 E Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone number: 904-638-4890

Our score: 81

C & L Landscape, Inc. is more than just a lawn care company—it provides residential and commercial landscaping, remodeling, building, irrigation and marine construction services. The company has served the Jacksonville area since 1982 and routinely ranks as a top local business and receives high marks for customer service.

Benefits of C & L Landscape

  • Is a woman-owned family business
  • Offers sprinkler system repair and installation services
  • Provides holistic landscaping and building services

C & L Landscape Prices

Because of the breadth of services C & L offers, you’ll need to contact the company directly for prices.

C & L Landscape Service Areas

Although C & L doesn’t specify the limits of its service area, it does serve all of Jacksonville.

If you’d like to receive a quote for lawn care, call C & L or visit the company’s website to schedule a free consultation.

5. Greenthumb Landscapers

Local address: 6722 Morse Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Phone number: 904-781-6597

Our score: 87

Greenthumb Landscapers is a small lawn care company that provides full-service lawn maintenance. Whether you need regular lawn mowing and hedge trimming or a one-time clean-up and haul-away service, Greenthumb can help you get your yard to its ideal condition.

Benefits of Greenthumb Landscapers

  • Has more than 40 years of experience in the lawn care industry
  • Provides an online bill pay option
  • Doesn’t require you to sign a contract for lawn maintenance

Greenthumb Landscapers Prices

You’ll need to contact Greenthumb to inquire about the company’s prices.

Greenthumb Landscapers Service Areas

Greenthumb serves the greater Jacksonville area.

Call Greenthumb or enter your information on the company’s website for a free quote.

Our Recommendation

As a nationwide company, TruGreen gets our vote as the best lawn care service in Jacksonville. TruGreen’s technicians have the training and equipment to analyze your lawn and provide the best possible care for its specific needs. Additionally, the company’s mobile app and mobile-friendly website make scheduling, communication and payment as easy as possible.

However, we recognize that TruGreen may not be the best choice for everyone and doesn’t offer certain lawn care services. For example, it doesn’t offer mowing or trimming services, so consider a local lawn care company like Greenthumb Landscaping if you’re in need of those services. If you have a bigger project that involves moving around trees or building new structures, both C & L Landscape, Inc. and McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping are good options. And if you’d like to save some money and perform lawn care services yourself, Sunday can send lawn care products right to your door.

We ultimately recommend getting a free quote from multiple lawn care companies before making a final decision.

Why You Should Hire Professional Lawn Care in Jacksonville

You can take care of your lawn yourself, provided you have the proper equipment and products as well as the time to do it, but many homeowners find it well worth the cost to hire someone to maintain their lawns. Professional lawn care companies have the heavy-duty equipment needed to perform a job efficiently and also have the knowledge to treat your lawn.

Jacksonville Lawn Care FAQs

How much does lawn care cost in Jacksonville, FL?

Here are some national average lawn care prices, according to HomeGuide:

  • Lawn mowing: $25–$50 per hour
  • Aeration: $75–$250 per service
  • Fertilizing: $60 per hour
  • Seeding: $850–$1,700 per application
  • Weeding: $12–$40 per hour
  • Tree trimming: $250–$500 per tree

The cost of living in Jacksonville is lower than the national average, so lawn care prices in Duval County may be slightly lower than the above estimates. Additionally, lawn care or landscaping companies may charge less per service if you purchase a full-service maintenance package or opt for regular visits.

Is it cheaper to pay someone to mow my lawn than to mow it myself?

That depends on whether you have the equipment and the time. If you have a relatively small yard and own a mower, cutting it yourself will only cost you the price of the gas or electricity needed to power the mower, plus trash bags for the clippings. However, large yards may require a riding mower to do a good job, which costs about $1,500 to $3,000.

How often should I mow my Florida lawn?

You should mow often enough that you’re not taking off more than ⅓ of the leaf blade at a time. Mowing is necessary to keep your yard free of weeds and pests, but mowing the blades too short can ultimately damage your grass. In Florida, this may mean more frequent mowing than in other states, as some grasses that grow in the Sunshine State don’t go dormant in the winter.

The Department of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida offers the following ideal heights for common turfgrass species in Jacksonville:

  • Bahiagrass: 3–4 inches
  • Bermuda grass: 0.5–1.5 inches
  • Centipede grass: 1.5–2 inches
  • St. Augustine grass (dwarf cultivars): 2.5 inches
  • St. Augustine grass (all other cultivars): 3.5–4 inches
  • Zoysia grass: 2–2.5 inches

Do lawns in Florida need fertilizer?

Although Florida yards get plenty of rain and sunshine, they may need a little help to stay green and lush. Test your soil or have it professionally analyzed to determine what types of nutrients it needs. If your soil is missing key nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it will need fertilizer.

How do I keep weeds out of my lawn?

The best way to control weeds is using prevention techniques. Choose a turfgrass species that’s appropriate for the amount of sun and shade in your yard and keep it properly mowed with a sharp blade. Pay attention to how much water and fertilizer your grass needs, since both over- and under-watering can stress the grass and allow weeds to gain a foothold. Keep excess foot and vehicle traffic off your lawn, and treat any pest infestations as soon as you see them.

Lawn Care Rating Methodology

To help you find the best lawn care company, our reviews team researched numerous lawn care providers, analyzing their services, guarantees and customer service, among other factors:

  • Experience: We awarded more points to lawn care companies that had multiple years of experience and deducted points from newer lawn care companies.
  • Reputation: Some lawn care companies don’t follow through on their service agreements and won’t provide the services outlined in a contract. We rated companies based on their ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews and awarded more points to companies with a higher BBB rating and positive customer reviews.
  • Guarantees: We scored lawn care providers based on whether or not they provided guarantees with their services, as this benefit insures the work completed.
  • Customer service: Lawn care companies that offer 24/7 customer service, have an online chat and provide an online quote form received higher points than companies without these offerings.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.


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