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October 27, 2023

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    Amazon is about to launch its annual Prime Day sale. This event provides Amazon Prime members with two days of savings, exclusive deals, and major markdowns. Prime Day 2022 will take place July 12 and 13, with early access deals available in the weeks leading up to the event.

    Prime Day offers apply to everything from clothing and groceries to patio furniture and bedding. We’ve parsed through the site’s lawn and garden department to find the best deals for your Prime Day shopping. Keep reading for a list of must-have products and sweet savings.

    Prime Day 2022 Deals To Look For

    Bssdiao Plant Protector Traps

    These sticky traps from Bssdiao are non-toxic, odorless paper cards treated with a strong adhesive. They attract and catch pesky insects that buzz around your head and damage your houseplants. The traps come with a pointy bottom edge you can insert directly into the soil around indoor and outdoor plants. 

    List Price: $29.99 for 16 traps

    Prime Day Deal: $12.99 for 16 traps

    GarHose Expandable Garden Hose

    This extendable garden hose from GarHose is a Prime Day steal. The hose consists of a flexible fabric covering and latex core that allows it to expand to over three times its original length. The hose’s material is also kink and knot-free, so you won’t have to worry about frustrating tangles as you water your lawn and garden.

    GarHose offers the hose in four different size options. The 100-foot hose is available with Prime for $32 off its original price.

    List Price: $69.99

    Prime Day Deal: $37.99

    Gardenised Self-Watering Hanging Basket

    Spruce up your garden space with this self-watering hanging basket from Gardenised. The basket consists of a durable, weather-resistant plastic material with a drainage plug for indoor use. Its self-watering feature is excellent for the forgetful gardener. Simply fill the basket’s port with water and watch your flowers thrive.

    List Price: $74.25

    Prime Day Deal: $36.60

    Classic Accessories Outdoor Furniture Cover

    Classic Accessories’ Veranda Sectional Lounge Set Cover is the perfect way to protect your patio furniture from the elements. The cover fits outdoor lounge sets up to 104 inches long and 31 inches tall. It has padded handles for easy removal, air vents for mold prevention, and durable, waterproof fabric for long-lasting protection. Select the large cover size for 72% savings.

    List Price: $135.99

    Prime Day Deal: $37.50

    CHRYZTAL Garden Tool Set

    Every gardener needs this stainless steel tool set from CHRYZTAL. The set includes a hand rake, soil scoop, small trowel, weeder, cultivator, pruner, and carrying tote. Each tool has a rubber grip handle, hanging hole, and durable outer seal, making it perfect for gardeners of all skill levels. Buy the set as a gift for a friend or an expansion of your tool collection.

    List Price: $59.99

    Prime Day Deal: $29.97

    Oakland Living Antique Plant Stand

    Oakland Living offers some serious Prime Day savings on this antique bronze plant stand. The planter includes a durable cast iron finish in a stunning vintage design. The stand has stainless steel hardware and a powder coat finish for years of use. You’ll save 50% on the item during the sale event.

    List Price: $324.75

    Prime Day Deal: $164.34

    Amagabeli Cast Iron Fire Pit

    Check out this cast iron firepit from Amagabeli Garden and Home. The pit comes in three sizes ranging from 30 to 39 inches in diameter. It consists of rust-resistant, heavy-duty cast iron, perfect for burning a wood fire in your backyard. The fire pit has a paint finish to resist rust and a drain hole for moisture resistance.

    List Price: $280.99 for the 39-inch pit

    Prime Day Deal: $144.49 for the 39-inch pit

    Safavieh Outdoor Umbrella

    Safavieh’s Iris Fashion auto-tilt umbrella is available to Prime members for 65% off. Add this umbrella to your backyard for a refreshed outdoor living space. The umbrella has weather-safe aluminum and polyester that will provide shade and style for years. Its striped navy blue and white pattern will accent your patio without detracting from your beautiful garden.

    List Price: $282.15

    Prime Day Deal: $97.59

    SONKIR Soil PH Meter

    Hone your lawn care skills with this soil pH meter from SONKIR. This meter provides three functions; it tests your lawn’s soil pH, measures moisture level, and tracks sunlight level. This tool will help you understand your garden’s needs to build an efficient, functional watering and fertilizing schedule. It’s also straightforward to use; simply insert the meter’s probe into the soil and assess the reading on the screen. You might find our article helpful if you want to learn how to ascertain lawn soil pH.

    List Price: $29.99

    Prime Day Deal: $11.04

    Simple Lawn Solutions Liquid Soil Loosener

    Simple Lawn Solutions is selling its Liquid Soil Loosener for over $15 off this Prime Day. Soil loosener is perfect for treating lawns with poor soil drainage or compaction issues. One 32-ounce jug of the solution treats up to 32,000 square feet of lawn, making this a worthwhile purchase for any homeowner. Use this product alone or pair it with core aeration treatments for outstanding results.

    List Price: $44.99

    Prime Day Deal: $29.72

    SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow

    The SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow will make your outdoor tasks a breeze. The wheelbarrow’s frame and tub include a powder coating that keeps the product in top condition throughout all your outdoor projects. 

    Whether you need to move dirt or mix up concrete, this utility cart will haul it all. The cart’s battery-powered front wheel moves independently to help you carry loads up to 330 pounds. Once it runs out of power, you can recharge the battery for four more hours of use. 

    List Price: $599.99

    Prime Day Deal: $449.99

    KingLED Grow Lights

    Buy this KingLED grow light set if your houseplants struggle to thrive in low light conditions. The set includes an indoor greenhouse lamp, adjustable hanging rope, hook kit, power cord, and LED-safe glasses. This highly efficient system provides supplementary light to help plants grow faster, better, and more robust. The lights include high-speed fans and aluminum radiators to keep the bulbs burning cooler without using as much energy.

    List Price: $69.99

    Prime Day Deal: $59.49

    MIXC Seed Starter Tray

    Every gardener needs the MIXC seed starter tray in their home nursery. These durable trays hold new seedlings, protecting them from pests and damage as they sprout. The tray’s cells and lid consist of clear plastic that allows you to watch each plant’s progress without disturbing its root and leaf development. The lid includes a humidity control window so that you can adjust the container’s moisture level.

    List Price: $30.99

    Prime Day Deal: $16.99

    MZK Store Cordless Weed Eater 

    This cordless electric weed eater from the MZK Store is a must-have for landscape loving homeowners. This tool offers two functions – weed removal and lawn edging. Its lightweight, nimble design allows you to get into tight corners of your lawn and garden to wack pesky weeds. The tool has two safety locks and a blade cover to prevent accidental activation or injury.

    List Price: $79.99

    Prime Day Deal: $59.49

    KGDJS Sprinkler Timer

    The KGDJS Sprinkler Timer is an excellent tool to buy this Prime Day. The timer contains a rain-sensing component that adjusts the watering schedule based on your local weather forecast. Otherwise, you can use this device to manually set your sprinkler system on a schedule that keeps your turf healthy and green. It’s weather-proof, heat-resistant, and has long-lasting battery life, making it a fantastic option for many outdoor climates.

    List Price: $39.99

    Prime Day Deal: $26.99

    Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

    Don’t miss Prime Day’s deal for the Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower. The mower comes with a 21-inch steel deck and a seven-position blade adjustment system. The device is corded, which means it will never run out of battery or need recharging. Simply plug it in and cut your grass with ease.

    List Price: $239.99

    Prime Day Deal: $159

    Black + Decker Backpack Sprayer

    Simplify weeding and pest control with Black + Decker’s Backpack Sprayer. This rechargeable, battery-powered device allows you to spray up to 50 gallons of solution per charge. It includes Viton seals, locks, and a corrosion-resistance wand to keep chemicals in the backpack and off your skin. The adjustable shoulder straps make outfitting comfortable for various users.

    List Price: $189.99

    Prime Day Deal: $151.41

    Suyncll Pressure Washer

    The Suyncll Pressure Washer is a Prime Day product that will help you maintain your outdoor living space. The kit includes a pressure washer, spray gun, hose, foam cannon, screwdriver, adjustable nozzles, and more. This washer has a powerful motor and leak-proof connections that clean outdoor surfaces thoroughly. It also includes a safety lock switch, child lock, and hose storage system for safe use.

    List Price: $199.99

    Prime Day Deal: $139.99

    GOOTOP Mosquito Zapper

    Check out this mosquito zapper from GOOTOP to rid your yard of tiny blood-sucking pests. It attracts mosquitoes with a blue light and then electrocutes them with high voltage wires. This EPA-registered product is a safe and effective way to control mosquitoes in your backyard without pesticides or harsh-smelling chemical sprays. Activate the zapper in the dark and watch your home’s mosquito population dwindle. 

    List Price: $59.99

    Prime Day Deal: $37.99

    KINGYES Outdoor Oversized Rocking Chair

    Score some savings on KINGYES’ oversized rocking chair. This lovely outdoor furniture piece is a charming addition to your backyard patio or front porch. The chair has a curved structure and widened arms for supportive comfort and steady rocking. It’s made of a durable polyethylene material resistant to water damage, cracks, fading, and rotting. You’ll love rocking away your worries in this delightful seat.

    List Price: $189.99

    Prime Day Deal: $144.49

    We hope you find some fantastic savings on the lawn and garden products you need. Remember, you must be an Amazon Prime member to access Prime Day deals on July 12 and 13.

    Sign up through Amazon if you aren’t a member. The site currently offers a 30-day free trial to new members at enrollment. After that, you’ll pay $14.99 per month or $139 per year for free Prime delivery, access to Prime Video, and countless additional offers.

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