How to Rake Faster with a Lawn Tractor

Riding lawn mower with gardening tools
Want to really speed up your raking? Attach three garden rakes to a lawn tractor! (Deposit Photos)

Want to make the chore of raking your lawn easier and faster to tackle?

Take two or three garden rakes and set them end to end. Then bring the ends of the handles together. Tie the rakes to each other by wrapping wires around the end tines.

Next, lay a board across the handles about 12 inches up from the tines. Screw a board to each handle.

Attach a second board about 16 inches from the first board.

Set a concrete block or a similarly heavy object on the first board and secure it with wire.

Use a rope or chain to attach the rake handles to the back of a lawn tractor.

Now, just drag the rakes behind the tractor to rake up the soil!

Listen to the audio clip for more details.


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