Spring is Here — Let’s Rethink Landscape Design | Ep. 61

Monique Allen, landscape design expert
Monique Allen, landscape design expert

On this Week’s Podcast: Landscape Design 101

This week, we speak with award-winning landscape design expert, author and businesswoman Monique Allen.

Monique has spent 35 years as a gardener, designer and contractor. She is the CEO, founder and creative director of The Garden Continuum, a Massachusetts-based gardening company that works to ensure landscaping is organized, healthy and has a ‘wow’ factor that makes you want to stop and take in its beauty.  

Everyone has their own preferences, and the company’s name refers to the continuum of landscape design and aesthetic, and where your preferences lie. 

landscape design
Landscape design is about more than adding plants and flowerbeds. (DepositPhotos)

In addition to 35 years working in landscape design, Monique is an accomplished business coach and industry blogger. She just completed her first full-length book, “Stop Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping.

The book features stories, examples and dozens of practical tips on how to rethink landscape design — that is, make sure your landscaping is about more than planting trees or flowerbeds; to design with purpose and meaning.  

So, what is Life-Scaping? At The Garden Continuum, it’s “when you share your insider’s perspective on how you live and work,” the company’s website states. “That gives us the clues we need to apply our skills and expertise in landscape development and stewardship to guarantee you a spectacular result.”

In her book, Monique talks about discovering your unique landscape vision, so your outdoor space matches your personality and needs and exceeds its potential.

In this podcast, Danny, Joe and Monique talk about the passion that gardening enthusiasts have to learn about landscape design and how the industry is constantly changing.

You can learn more about Monique and her landscaping vision by visiting her website, thegardencontinuum.com.

Also in this week’s podcast:

• How to deal with nail pops appearing in rooms that have moisture, like bathrooms or laundry rooms.

• Hear about a great new bath ventilation fan that attacks moisture without you having to flip a switch.

Eco-friendly spring-cleaning tips that are not only great for the environment but will also save you some money.

• How to remove a waxy buildup from laminate floors.  

• Now that you know all about landscape design, follow Joe’s Simple Solution to learn how to get an early start with your gardening with a used soda bottle.

Question of the Week

Rick writes,

“I have a 60-year-old house that has superficial cracks. I want to paint the house but I’m afraid the cracks will continue to show through. Is there anything I can do about that? I’ve seen STO or drive systems used on commercial buildings — is it something I could use over stucco?”

DIY Project of the week

Cozy small kitchen with blue curtains

4 Ways to Bring Warm Colors to a Cold Kitchen

Nothing’s more inviting than a warm, functional kitchen. But if people in your home avoid this room, a few simple changes can make the space more welcoming.

Colors stir different feelings in people, and there are many ways to bring warmth and comfort to your kitchen through color.

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