How to Fluff Insulation and Prevent Slips on Deck Stairs | Ep. 34

On this week’s podcast:

• Packed-down insulation won’t do what it’s designed to do. If you’re dealing with this problem, you need to fluff it up! Here’s how, using a tool from your garden shed.
• Listen to learn about an easy and inexpensive way to prevent slips and falls from a slick deck.

• The price of granite has gone down but the shopping experience still can be overwhelming. Expert Tony Neylon shares some things you should consider when you’re ready to buy a new countertop.
• Joe has a Simple Solution that will give new life to an old wire brush.

Question of the Week:

Joe from New York writes,

“I have very cheap ceramic tiling in my kitchen…a few of which have become loose and/or cracked. I would like to install laminate flooring over the existing tile and avoid having to rip up all of the tiles. I am not an expert at doing this and was wondering what I need to do to ensure the job is done right.”

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