Plants Over a Septic Tank & Removing an 80s Fad | Ep 24

On this week’s podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:

• Landscaping done wrong! A banana plant is sitting right on top of a homeowner’s septic tank. What problems may occur when plants are growing near a tank.

• Tips for painting textured ceilings.

• A Listener installed a whirlpool tub back in the 80s. Now, she wants it gone! Who she needs to call to get the job done.
• Joe has a simple solution that will keep your tablecloths from blowing away during your lunch date.

Question of the week:

Kathy asks, “Can I use instant granite on bathroom countertops and a surround around a bathtub? If so, is there any certain type of sealer or caulking that I should put around the tub and sinks?”

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