When to Plant Scotch Broom

“Is November too late to plant a Scotch Broom shrub in Zone 7? Where can I find more information about this shrub and its growing conditions?” -Sharon

Fall can be a great time to plant shrubs, because the plants are able to get established without the stress of summer heat. Generally, roots grow whenever the soil temperature is above 40º F. Based on this, the general recommendation is to plant by mid to late October.

However, I live in Zone 7, too, and the air and soil are often warm enough to plant well into November or even December, depending on the year. Later plantings need extra attention – give them a good dose of phosphorus (such as bone meal) in the planting hole, make sure they are well-watered, and tuck them in with an extra helping of mulch to prevent frost heaving.

Scotch Broom is a pretty prolific, tough plant – in fact, the wild varieties are considered invasive weeds in many parts of the country, so your shrub will probably do just fine. Even so, all the data and guesswork in the world can’t match up to local experience – check with your local agricultural extension service for more specific planting recommendations for your region.

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  1. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and just purchased some yellow flowering scotch broom plants at an auction, they’re about 18 inches tall in the pot. When should I plant them and will they be okay outside in the pots until they are planted?

  2. My sister in-law got a Scottish Broom shrub from her son for mothers day. I’m trying to find this in Buffalo NY as our garden bed is very deep

  3. Scotch broom is a noxious weed and it is very invasive. It also causes allergies and destroys native plants and natural habitats.
    Do find another choice for your garden.


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