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In the second of our two-part backyard enhancement series, we complete the makeover of a neglected backyard by adding a relaxing hot tub, cool kid’s playset, landscape lighting, and more.

    Hot Tub

    Hot tub on patio.
    Hot tub on the patio.

    Before we could install the new hot tub in the backyard, additional concrete had to be poured on top of the existing patio to level and reinforce the concrete slab.

    The six-person, self-contained hot tub from Hot Springs Portable Spas holds over 500 gallons of water, giving it a total weight of over 6,000 pounds. Before installing a hot tub, make sure the concrete slab or deck is strong enough to support the added weight.

    Features of the hot tub include:

    • Maintenance-free Everwood cabinet
    • No-bypass filtration to provide constant filtering of the water
    • Ozone water treatment system to help sanitize the water

    Landscape Lighting

    To illuminate the backyard, both low-voltage and solar landscape lights were installed. Both down and up lighting were utilized as well as carriage lights.

    A wireless remote control allows you to program the lights to turn on and off automatically as well as adjust the lighting manually if desired.

    Carriage-style landscape lighting.

    When installing landscape lighting in your yard, start by deciding on the location of each light fixture. Then position the light fixtures in the ground, and run low-voltage electrical wire to each one using snap-on connectors.

    To find out more, watch our videos on:

    Children’s Playset

    The impressive redwood and cedar playset we installed has a six-foot buffer zone around it in all directions that is covered in deep mulch to provide a safe play environment.

    The playset we installed didn’t require anchoring in the ground, so it can be disassembled and moved if needed.

    Redwood and cedar children’s playset in Today’s Backyard.

    When installing a playset in your yard:

    • Sand and round wood edges
    • Cover bolt ends with plastic caps
    • Use plastic-coated chain
    Grill with wooden arbor.
    Grill with wooden arbor.

    To find out more, watch our videos on:


    Other amenities that were added to our backyard makeover include:

    • Illuminated birdbath
    • Mosquito control device
    • Wood swing attached to the tree
    • Stainless steel grill

    Other Tips from This Episode

    Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
    DIY Paper Roll Rack

    DIY Paper Roll Rack

    Rolls of brown Kraft paper come in handy in the shop or garage. To make it easy to store and cut rolls of paper, install two metal hooks on the wall, run a wooden dowel through the center of the roll, and hang the roll on the hooks using a wooden dowel for support. To cut the paper, screw a 1×4 horizontally to the wall approximately 14” below the paper holder, and use a utility knife to cut the paper. (Watch Video)

    Best New Products with Danny Lipford:
    Irrigation Lawn Edging

    Hydro-Edge Irrigation Lawn Edging

    Installing lawn edging is a great way to prevent grass from growing into planting beds. Hydro-Edge not only performs the functions of standard edging, but can be used to water plants as well. After installing the edging in the ground, punch holes in the edging and install the provided sprinkler nozzles in the holes. Attach a garden hose to the edging and insert an end cap in the other end. Hydro-Edge is available at The Home Depot.

    Around the Yard with Tricia Craven Worley:
    Soda Bottle Watering

    Filling soda bottle with compost

    To give plants a little extra water and nutrients, cut the top off a two-liter plastic water or soda bottle. Punch several holes in the bottom of the bottle, and fill the bottle three-fourths full with composted matter. Dig a hole in the ground next to the plant you want to water, and place the bottle in the hole. Whenever you water the plant, make sure to fill the bottle with water as well. The water in the bottle will drain out slowly into the soil around the plant, along with the nutrients from the compost. (Watch Video)

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