Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner! More of us will be outdoors to celebrate holidays and invite our families, friends, and colleagues to our homes. Most of the activities such as grilling and socializing will take place in the backyard, so you’ll want to prepare the best backyard landscape. If you want your landscape options to last throughout the year, try these low maintenance landscape trends for your backyard.

Low Maintenance Drainage Solutions

One of the most important factors to ensure that your backyard has low maintenance is an effective backyard drainage design system. A flooded backyard causes saturated soil, pests, and grime on patios. Consider these drainage solutions to avoid excessive water.

This drainage system is perfect for patio edges and patio centers. They’re equipped with long, rectangular grates and flow out to a longer pipe that flows away from the landscape.

These drains are often in combination with other drainage systems. The place where standing water is likely to be is dug so that a catch basin may rest where runoff collects. Channels are then dug at a gradual slope to influence excess water to drain away from the landscape. Corrugated pipes or PVC pipes are installed on the catch basin and laid out in the channels. Rocks cover the pipes, and then soil covers the rocks and piping to ensure the pipes remain intact.

Speaking of rocks, take advantage of your creativity and take a more natural approach with a rock swale. Rocks work well with areas that are graded or naturally eroded over time. They can prevent mud and grime build-up as well.

It may be tough to install a landscape drainage system on a steep landscape or low elevated part of the backyard. For instances where you encounter these issues, consider making those areas a rain garden. Rain Gardens are a combination of native plants that absorb most excessive runoff. Consult your local nursery regarding grasses, evergreens, and vines that are appropriate for rain gardens.

Low Maintenance Fencing that Lasts Beyond the Summer

Privacy is important to all of us. Many homeowners have fences installed around the backyard to maintain that privacy. To make sure you get the best result for your installed fence go with the paint-resistant Vinyl or poly-blend fencing. These fences are easy to clean and are capable of withstanding strong winds. In addition, they come in different colors giving you cosmetic flexibility. This low-maintenance fencing type is less likely to fail due to weather conditions.

Alternatives when Installing Fencing Posts

Lately, landscape professionals have been shying away from classic concrete and water mixtures, and now use another compound that doesn’t require water at all. One of these fence post cement alternative compounds is called Fast 2K. This water-resistant backfill works the same as concrete, and it’s environmentally safe. It can be used when installing mailbox posts, park benches, bicycle racks, and even picnic tables. Consider using this award-winning mixture to save time and minimize clean-up.

What Plants Should You Install in the Backyard?

At this point of the year, you should install plants that will give you color throughout the year. This includes plants that will bloom this coming Fall season and next Spring.

  • Install grasses like Mondo Grass, which are great garden bed borders. Also, they provide ground cover and absorb excess water.
  • You can never go wrong with American or English Boxwoods. If watered and trimmed properly, these plants will last for years. Complement Boxwoods with Azaleas in lieu of Fall and next Spring. The leaves on Azaleas will remain green all year long.
  • Leave room for annuals and perennials. They’ll always provide a colorful vibrance to your backyard.

The Best Garden Bed Ground Covers

Mulch is one of the most effective ground covers in landscaping. It provides protection against excess when a thick layer is installed, it keeps most plants intact during the year, and it brings a color balance to your landscape. It’s expensive to have installed, but the investment will keep you protected for over a year.

Pine straw is effective also. It’s more cost-efficient but doesn’t provide a strong resistance to excess water like mulch does. However, it is less likely to clog grates on trench drains and catch basins.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Deck

From DIY to professionally built, you should choose the best material for your deck that long lasting and durable. Compare wood types like composite vs real hardwood decking. You’ll find that real hardwood decking not only has a beautiful look, but also has natural durability. It is a low-maintenance material that happens to be cheaper than composite wood. Be sure to choose the right material for your deck so it can survive years of entertaining.

Backyard Tips for Homeowners

These trends will help you juggle some ideas and bring you closer to the vibrant backyard that you envision. But why stop at these trends? Perhaps, you have some ideas that work well at night. If so, install some solar-powered lights around the backyard.

Be sure light shines on the plants to give your landscape a twilight effect.

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Expecting many visitors this year? Place a few benches and tables in your backyard. Each idea explores an opportunity to improve your overall landscape.

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