How to Sharpen Pruning Tools

Step 5: Remove Burr

Periodically place the stone or file flat against the back of the blade and make a gentle stroke toward the blade. You don’t want to reshape the flat edge, just remove any burr that has formed on the back of the edge.

Step 6: Hone Blade

After you’ve sharpened the blade, switch to a finer grit of stone and repeat the process to give a nice sharp edge. Apply less and less pressure as you go for a finer edge.

Make It Shiny!

As you sharpen your blade, the freshly ground steel will become shiny. Keep a close eye on it – you want the blade to become uniformly shiny along the width and length of the edge in order to keep the correct beveled angle. If your blade is only getting shiny in spots, adjust the angle of the stone or file. Incorrect sharpening will result in the bevel becoming rounded instead of flat, and the tool won’t cut properly.


  1. I have a brick paver driveway but have had pine tree roots push up the pavers, leaving a bump. The pine was cut down about a year ago, but the roots are still pushing up the pavers. Any relief other than pulling up the pavers, digging out the roots, and cutting them out?


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