How to Sharpen Pruning Tools

Step 1: Disassemble Tool

Most pruning tools are held together by a simple bolt or a couple of screws. You don’t have to take them apart, but the blades will be easier to clean and sharpen if separated.

Step 2: Clean Tool

Scrub away all dirt and rust with soap and water, use mineral spirits to dissolve any resin or stains, then dry thoroughly. More information about cleaning and removing rust from garden tools can be found in our article on How to Clean, Sharpen, and Maintain Garden Tools.


  1. I have a brick paver driveway but have had pine tree roots push up the pavers, leaving a bump. The pine was cut down about a year ago, but the roots are still pushing up the pavers. Any relief other than pulling up the pavers, digging out the roots, and cutting them out?


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