How To Make a Mossy Flower Vase

Take advantage of the blooms in your garden this summer with this mossy flower vase! This easy DIY project makes a great gift and is a perfect way to display everything from a handful of garden flowers to a magnolia blossom. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make a mossy flower vase, you will need:

  • Glass container (I like to use small, rounded votive candle holders, but you can recycle any class container or jar. It can be any size, and you don’t even have to remove labels.)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sheet moss (available at garden centers)
  • Florist’s foam (Optional)
  • Scissors and kitchen knife
  • Fresh flowers
  • Plastic or newspaper (to collect the mess)

Step 2: Attach Moss

Use hot glue to attach sheets of moss to the outside of the container. Simply pull apart the moss with your hands to make the pieces fit – don’t worry about it being perfect. I usually apply the glue to the moss first, because of the risk of the hot glue breaking the glass, then gently press the moss onto the surface.

Be very careful not to burn your hands with hot glue!

Step 3: Trim Moss

Once you’ve covered the container in moss, use the scissors to trim away any excess so that the container doesn’t wobble. Also trim the moss away from the lip of the container – sheet moss is highly absorbent, and if it comes in contact with the water in the vase, it’ll become a drippy mess.

Step 4: Insert Florist’s Foam

Use the kitchen knife to slice off a chunk of florist’s foam, and press it into the container.

Step 5: Add Water

Moisten the foam with water to make your flowers last.

Step 5: Arrange Flowers

Finally, simply insert your garden flowers into the foam! Small votive candle holders are perfect for displaying 2-3 rose blossoms or one large bloom while larger containers allow for more elaborate arrangements.



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