A dripper is a great addition to the birdbath in your garden. The sound attracts birds, and the moving or rippling water prevents mosquitoes from breeding, making your birdbath the freshest, busiest one in the neighborhood! In addition, on frosty mornings, a dripper will make your birdbath slower to freeze.

You can purchase ready-made birdbath drippers that consist of a clamp-on shepherd’s hook and a length of plastic tubing. The tubing is connected to an outdoor water faucet, and the shepherd’s hook regulates the pressure to a steady drip. However, you can make your own birdbath dripper out of recycled materials that will save on water usage while still providing the birds with the moving water they enjoy.

    How to Make a Bird Bath Dripper

    This project is satisfying yet so very simple:

      1. Carefully punch two pinholes in a clean, recycled plastic jug (one hole in the bottom for the water to drip, and the other near the top for air flow).
      1. Fill the jug with water.
    1. Hang it over your birdbath and voilà! The bird spa is open!

    A few tips to keep in mind when making your dripper:

      • Make the smallest holes possible. A straight pin or fine-gauge needle is best. I first tried it with a thumbtack and the water flowed out too fast.
      • Using a pair of pliers, carefully heat the pin over a candle flame, and it will very easily slip through the plastic.
      • You can hang the jug using twine, wire, ribbon, or anything you have on hand.
      • Be creative – choose a pretty jug, and paint it (or use a colorful hanger) for a decorative look.

      • For a less visible dripper, try attaching the jug to the bottom of a cascading hanging plant, where it will be hidden in the foliage.
    • You’ll need to refill the jug every day or two. Or, to conserve water, you can fill it when the birds in your yard are most active.
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