How to Grow Magnolia Trees from Seed

Magnolia trees produce seed cones in the fall which litter yards and sidewalks. The gorgeous red seeds serve as a delicacy for squirrels and migrating birds, and they can also be collected to grow more magnolias!

Growing magnolias from seed is a practice of patience – not only will you need to wait a few months to see signs of sprouting, but the seedlings may take as long as 15 years to bloom! Nevertheless, if you’ve ever seen a Southern magnolia in full blossom, you know it’s worth the wait.

For best results, collect seeds from standard species (like Southern magnolia) rather than hybrids or special cultivars. Hybrids are specially pollinated to mix two varieties together, and their seeds will likely revert back to one of the parent varieties, rather than producing the same type of tree you admired.

How to Collect and Plant Magnolia Seeds

Follow these five simple steps to grow magnolia trees from seeds for your yard.

Step 1: Collect Magnolia Seeds

Look for magnolia cones that are already opening up and releasing the seeds. If you can’t find any, pick up fresh cones and set them aside for a few days until they dry and open. Gently shake the red magnolia seeds out of the cone.

Step 2: Scarify Magnolia Seeds

Scrub magnolia seeds with a paper towel to remove the red pulpy coating. If the seed coat doesn’t come off, try soaking the seeds in water overnight to soften them – throwing away any that float.

Once you’ve removed the seed coat, rough up the surface of the seed a little (called “scarifying”) by lightly scrubbing the seed with a piece of sandpaper, screen wire, or steel wool. This removes protective oils and makes it easier for the seed to break open and sprout.

Step 3: Stratify Magnolia Seeds

Allow the seeds to rest for 3-6 months at around 40° to 45° F, without drying out. There are three ways to do this:

  • Refrigerator: The easiest way is to mix the seeds with moist seed-starting mix or peat, place in a plastic bag or container, and stick them in the fridge for the winter.
  • Cold Frame: Alternately, you can plant the seeds about 1/2″ deep in a seed tray or small pot, and put it in a cold frame. Be sure to keep the soil moist all winter, and protect it from freezing temperatures.
  • Outdoors: If you prefer nature’s approach, you can plant the seeds outdoors, about 1/2″ deep, with a layer of mulch to hold in moisture. If you plant them outdoors, keep in mind that they may not survive if they freeze or dry out, and they’ll be an easy snack for hungry squirrels!

Step 4: Plant Magnolia Seeds

When temperatures reach around 70° F in the spring, plant your magnolia seeds either in the ground or in pots, about 1/2″ deep in a light planting medium. Keep evenly moist until the seeds germinate, which usually takes a few weeks or longer.

Step 5: Grow Magnolia Trees

Transplant seedlings to their permanent homes, or grow them in pots until they’re a little bigger. Keep the seedlings evenly moist and protected from direct sun for the first year.

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  1. I live in Arizona where it is already in the 100 degree’s and only going to get hotter. My husband wants to trim our Magnolia tree because the trunk is small but the branches are full. It appears to be top heavy. The tree is about 4 years old since we planted it and has full sun most of the day.

    My question is when should it be trimmed? I’ve read never trim a magnolia tree. What is the correct answer?

    I LOVE my tree and I don’t want to hurt it.

  2. Seems like if biology/nature/whatever you believe in wants it to be top heavy then it’ll be top heavy just fine. I’m not a biologist or tree grower or anything, it just seems like trees grow by design as intended and the more we mess with them the worse off they are. I also have never seen a Magnolia trimmed.

  3. yeah where do these strange looking trees grow at
    i only found 2 of them where im at and the seeds that i got are red but when i scratched the redness off it was then dark like dark brown or black
    your seeds looks like you’ve pulled it off the tree and the leaves on this tree where im at they aren’t waxy they look a little bit more like a milkweed leaf, and this tree the seed pods when you brake them they smell like cross between sassafras-tree-leaves and hickory-tree-nuts thats what i think i know its a “cone” but i like to call it a “pod” anyways thank you for the info im not good at growing hard seeds because its hard for me and these seeds look alot like butterfly bush seeds & the shape is just about the same these are just a bit fatter and red then dark.

  4. & i heard that guy on wtiu say that you don’t have to freeze a seed for it to grow unless you want to you can and this butterfly-weed flower made the flower this year and made the seeds pods and seeds and some started to sprout out already before it got to freeze in the winter so i think that guy might be right.

  5. Do you have to put the Magnolia seed in the peet moss and sand immeditely after takeing the red off and wiping the seed off with sandpaper?

  6. Very informative article and the photographs confirmed what I only suspected about our little gem’s cones and seeds. Our tree is only eight feet tall, but it has had a profusion of white blossoms from March through August and now its cones are opening and they and their bright red seeds are almost as attractive as the blossoms. Our tree stands in the full sun, and the only water it gets is from rain. And yet it flourishes. At the time we planted the magnolia we also planted a saw palmetto about fifteen feet east and on a line with the little gem. The Palmetto has multiplied from a single stem to half a dozen and has filled in an area about fifteen feet in diameter; it’s creeping toward the magnolia in a menacing fashion, so I’m going to tell my yard man to start digging out the palms closest to my prized small tree.
    Question: can a magnolia with a stem diameter of 2.5 inches be dug up and transplanted without killing it? If it can, when would be a good time to move it? I wouldn’t mind if the palmetto took over the yard if not for the threat to the magnolia tree.

  7. Today is Saturday 09/21/2012 just lastnite I took the red seeds that kinda looks like a bean from the cones and soaked them for maybe ten minutes just long enough to remove the red coating and inside is the light brown seed some medium to dark brown… and so by reading this article plus reading the tips from different people I’m doing just exactly what this article says to do and I will post my results as soon as I see the results by the way someone mentioned they needed seeds I have tons if whoever it was wants them because here right now in south central Arkansas my Magnolia trees are loaded.

  8. My name is Maylon Shorr and for years have wanted a Magnolia tree. I am in Arkansas and discovered a lot of treasure pods with seeds still in tact. So after discovering your site I am anxious so start the process. I have got my seeds soaking now. It’s Oct. 6th and will report back as they progress!!

  9. My Grandmother planted seeds in her front yard in NC, a Magnolia Grandiosa sprouted in due time. She was magic with planting. All she did was put the seed in the ground and it sprouted, peaches, apples, grape vines. When the tree was big enough I started climbing it. I love that tree, the tree is now 65 years old, if it is still standing.
    When I move back from Oregon to NC I will go to my home town and get pods from the tree. I have done this before but the pods were on the ground and already to dry. I am looking forward to making the seeds grow here in Oregon. And to take with me when I move back. I could sit n the top of that Magnolia and look at the roof line of our house, two stories tall, and survey the neighborhoon from my perch. Thanks for these articles. Tim Royal.

  10. Hi. We’ve had our magnolia tree for 12 years,since moving into our current address. I believe the tree had been planted about 4 years prior to us moving in. The tree is my pride and joy as I’ve always wanted one. this year my husband trimmed the branches s we’ve had decking fitted in the garden,which goes around the base of the tree(circle been cut away around it) as we have a seating area nearby. The branches were in the way, therefore needed trimming. However over the last few months we noticed clusters growing,which I thought were new leaves or buds but they have now grown into mini conkers-which have split open and have beautiful red seeds poking out. I have picked them carefully and must have at least 30 seeds. After browsing the internet,I’m excited to learn that I can plant these and hopefully produce more magnolia trees, which would be a lovely gift for family+friends. Anyone have some good tips on how to succeed please as I’m not really a gardening person. Plus weather in northern england is pretty miserable so am I best trying to grown them in a greenhouse/conservatory?? Thanks

  11. Hello all. I followed all the various methods. I soaked and cleaned the seeds, I refrigerated some, planned some outside in putspots. I planted some inside in a seed starter tray, and I scarified (filed) some then planeted. I have one that has sprouted so far. I’m very impatient, so I have checked the seeds and found 2 or 3 more that are sprouting. They are all in the tray that had no special treatment , just planting. In my case it seems less is more.

  12. Hundreds of nice firm green cones from our beautiful tree here in Portland, OR, but they don’t seem to produce any red seeds. Is there a trick to getting them to produce?

  13. Was in Florida and was looking for the seed. I am living on Guam and would like to get some southern magnalia gradifora

  14. After 35 years in my Florida house, I never suspected that a hidden tiny magnolia tree was growing in a clump of immature small palm trees. This year I detected a beautiful perfume in the yard, and following my nose to the scent, was totally in awe of a magnificent white blossom on a 6′ MAGNOLIA tree hidden in that now taller clump! WOW! No one planted it. Had to laugh at all the work people say you have to go through, SANDING (!) and PREPARING the red seeds. I bet NATURE doesn’t do that. Probably a bird just dropped a seed on the ground. It has produced a big seed cone now, and I guess I’ll plant the red seeds like Nature did instead of all that fuss. What do you think? Let Nature take its course?

  15. My grandson gave me a small southern Magnolia tree for my birthday about 6 years ago. Something bad happened to the tree and the center main part of the tree died. I did not want to lose it even if it was funny looking so I cut the center out. It really looked sad. I fed it with tree stake fertilizer and after about three more years of ugly my tree started to look like a tree again. Now it is a beautiful Southern Magnolia with many flowers and lots of seed pods. I want to try to grow a tree from seeds. I may never see it as today is my 79th birthday. But I have copied the directions and am determined to try.

  16. I just scrubbed six seeds clean and stuck them in a pot to over winter. I live in the middle of Missouri and I like to drag my pots outside on sunny days. I hope I have good luck.

  17. Mary,
    I am also from central MIssouri, I have been working in Southern Oklahoma and found these seeds and after some research found out they were from a Magnolia tree, I picked up 5 or 6 seeds and am going to try and plant them when I get back home.

  18. Thank you so much…. I do collect a lot of seed and I am for the first time trying to germinate them… wish me luck… Regards from Mexico City…

  19. Hello everyone. I gather seeds from my aunts tree. I live in south east texas. I am waiting for the weather to stop freezing here. Last night it was 38 degrees. I can’t wait to plant my seeds. They are still in the refrigerator. Thank you all for the helpful information

  20. hi everyone ,i live in perth australia and my sister vicki has given me magnolia seeds to grow wish me luck .

  21. I have a question, when I was young our neighbor had a magnolia tree, it had a huge slit-like indentation in it, years later my sister and I see what she believes to be the same tree-35 years later to be exact, I tell her that is not the same tree, she says ” yes it is, look at the tree in the old black and white picture and look at the google image of it on google earth, it has the same split-like indentation” I told her that trees pass down their characteristics, is this true? can a magnolia tree make the same kind of looking tree? please help settle a debate between two sisters.

  22. I am looking for a outlet to obtain seeds. I live in Kansas so they are not readily available in these parts.

  23. I have a question for storing young magnolia plants in winter. I had two separate groups of pots with seeds. One group was in our heavily shaded garage. The other were in smaller pots on the window sill. The smaller poted plants received alot of sun and flowered from the start. The bigger potted plants were shaded and came up as just a tiny stem, wilted and died. Even when I tried to give them more sunlight they died.

    My question: When the small plants outgrow the little pots and no longer fit on my window sill, then is it better for them to spend the winter in the cold outdoors with sun, or in the garage, which is protected, and has a window facing the south, but will give them almost no direct sunlight?

  24. I have a magnolia tree that has been producing beautiful flowers and seeds, I haven’t yet tried to grow trees from the seeds yet but will be trying now since you have all put so much information up on how to do this. If anyone needs some seeds, feel free to email me and I can send you some once our pods start opening.

  25. Hi Barb

    I should be very grateful if you would be able to send some seeds. I live in England & will reimburse you re postage and packaging. Will send you my postal address if you can do this. Many thanks. Adrian

  26. Adrian,
    I got your address and I will send you some seeds but it will be late this summer when the pods start to open before I can send them.

  27. I live in Paris, Ontario, Canada. About 1 month ago I planted 100 cucumber tree seeds and now notice that about 25 of them have germinated. Do I need to provide shade for them as they grow?

  28. I have 3 magnolia tree I pick some seed today I am going to put it into a pot and start selling the plants , I will sell them very cheap , I lost my job over seven years , am a house maker , and I need a money to help my self , am from the carribian Trinidad , I know how to grow all plant , but if anyone need some seed I will like to send it to them . They will have to pay all postage . Good bye

  29. Kathy,
    I would plant up to 4 seeds in a one-gallon pot. If all germinate (doubtful but possible), you can always transplant to individual pots while they are still tiny.

  30. I live in Kansas and have access to Magnolia seeds. I would love to share them with those who can’t find any. I plan to try to grow some from seeds. Wish me luck.

  31. This morning I noticed these red seeds & picked off 2 off of the giant 3 story tall magnolia trees outside of my office as I walked in. I peeled off the red coat & an amazing burst of aroma filled the air! I went back outside during my break & collected as many seeds as I could find…I can’t wait to try growing my own beautiful trees out of these!

  32. Hi everyone or anyone. I have lots if seeds from a southern magnolia. If you want some please let me know. I’ll be happy to send seeds to anyone that’s in need of them and want to grow their own
    Email me at

  33. Informative and interesting, although a little unclear in parts. There are some terms which I feel need clarifying. I’m a little confused with the term planting as applied to seeds, when surely seeds are sown rather than planted. And what is a planting medium? In this context, can I assume it’s a medium for sowing seeds into, or is it in fact a medium for potting plants in – a potting medium, in fact?

  34. these trees must have first started in the middle of a pine forest! The seeds must have been dropped there by birds (or humans thinking they were pretty?). Pines are known for dying after so many years in my area, but this would have provided the shade need for the Magnolias to achieve maturity in shade and then have the needed sun. Just an ‘off the wall’ theory.

  35. I have some magnolia seeds if any one would like them. I have three trees that have tons of pods so just email me and I’ll send them to you…. 🙂

  36. I recently brought home, some magnolia seeds from a southern Texas tree. I want to eventually plant them when we move to the southwestern area of Colorado. I would like to start them now, but will but them in cold storage in the refrigerator for a month or two. However, I’m wondering if a magnolia will grow outside in the Montezuma County area of southwestern Colorado? The humidity there is lower than the area that it came from, and even though it is a warm spring and summer area, there are cold winter months. What can I do to sustain a magnolia in that climate? Will it need a greenhouse?

  37. Appreciate great instructions my seeds are in my fridge can’t wait until spring in Tennessee the trees I took them off of are over 80 feet tall . Unfortunately they are cutting them down. But, I plan on growing my own. They are truly beautiful.

  38. I have two very large, mature magnolias in my front yard. They are nice trees and have some benefits to them. They have large fragrant flowers. They are a shelter for birds during rain and snow. They are perfect to sit under during a light to medium rain. Something that is not mentioned is the grass is shaded underneath a mature tree and will not grow. The large roots will start to emerge from the ground and casue problems when mowing or rakinging. It obviously the older the tree the more and I mean much more seed cones fall. They are a menace. Just FYI.

  39. I agree. Great instructions. Love that you have pix of what we’re looking for after taking off the red shell. I love a mystery, but not in a case like this! Like Sabrina, I’m inTennessee, and have my seeds soaking now in the hopes of having good luck next year with them! Really hoping it doesn’t take any of us 15 years though.

  40. I have access to literally hundreds of healthy common Magnolia seeds right now. They are littering the neighborhood everywhere. Today is Tuesday 11/11/2014. My email is and I will be happy to make arrangements to send some.

  41. Hi Barbara

    Thank you so much! Just received the magnolia seeds sent on 19 November. Please let me know the cost incurred – will it be ok if I send a cheque in English pounds? Please contact me on & please let me have your postal address (not sure am able to decipher it correctly the address written on the envelope). Many thanks again. Hope I will be able to germinate the seeds.
    Best wishes

  42. Around Oct 2013 I planted about 100 seeds that I collected. About 50 took root and a few died. The remainder are from two inches to five inches, with one being about 10 inches and about four being 4 inches. All have been transplanted to 2 gallon containers from about six months ago to 2 months ago. However, some from earlier transplant to the most recent have leaves turning pale ( whitish to yellowish). I don’t know if I’m watering too much or not enough. I have them in direct sun light in Tampa, Fl suburb. Thanks for any help.

  43. We’ve had a MAGNOLIA in our front yard here in Toronto Canada for over 40 years it was my dear mother’s favorite. Maggie, as I named her, was amazing in that she bloomed 3x each year. 1st flush was by far more impressive than the 2nd & 3rd. (guess she didn’t know she was only to bloom just the once annually). My daughter started climbing her when she was 3. Unfortunately about 9 years ago we had to cut Maggie down as she seemed to be diseased and in decline. It was a sad day but we celebrated her with photos of 3 generations of us perched on her. Tears flowed as we did the deed leaving only the stump behind for removal the following year. Much to our surprise Maggie put out shoots following year. Mags as I’ve named her actually bloomed in her 2nd year and has continued to bloom now for the past 7 years. A true DIE HARD!!! A real treasure. 2 years ago Mags put out seed pods, much to my dismay and excitement and something I don’t recall Maggie ever did – that I ever noticed. My plan is to hopefully start Maggie’s granddaughter and plant her @ the cemetery to provide much needed shade and a familiar piece of home for my dear parents.Fingers crossed! My question is should I start seeds and over winter indoors for the first few years as I don’t have anywhere to store it that won’t freeze? Would an unheated garage suffice? Any advise would be so appreciated by me, my family and Maggie. Thanks in advance

  44. Wendy, I just used an old take-out container with seed starting soil in it over the winter and found a spot in the fridge for them. If you keep them in the garage, you may want to put a thermometer in there to monitor the temps. I’m sure there it gets colder than other places. This is my first year trying it though, so I would hope for someone WAY more experienced to advise you. I’ve kept rain water in a spray bottle just to water mine with. All of my plants seem to have flourished so much better since I switched to it exclusively.

    I love this posting for reference though. Has the most helpful step-by-step photos I have found.

  45. We have a Southern Magnolia (just learned the variety here on this site) that is WELL over 50 years old. It was already well-established and large at my grandmother’s house when we moved here in 1977. This last year was the first time I have ever seen the red seeds. I noticed them all over the driveway one day and I had to surf the net to find out what was going on with our tree. I was pleasantly surprised, and have several seeds in our refrigerator now. Our tree is not in a very convenient spot – the driveway, and it seems to abundantly drop leaves year round, but I love it nevertheless. I live in a heavily wooded area, and am hoping to figure out a place to plant one or two, and grow the remaining to a size big enough to perhaps give as (housewarming) gifts.

  46. I planted a magnolia tree about 5 years ago and the height is about 2′. I live in Puerto Rico where is sunny most the year. Wondering why it does not grow more.

  47. Different strokes for different folks. Never cared for magnolias myself. My neighbor has one right across street from my self made golf course. They drop those obnoxious warped crunchy leaves practically year round and I am constantly picking them up off my manicured green. I admit I am OCD and a perfectionist but I just don’t care for magnolias.

  48. I have planted magnolias in pots very successfully, and they have “volunteered” in the yard. However, in 8 years, not one of the seedlings or volunteers has flowered. The original tree is still blooming and growing, but none of the seedlings from 1′ to 8′ actually bloom at all. Someone suggested that it needed to be pruned once before blooming. Is there something I should know? Anyone know why they don’t bloom/flower?

  49. I completely understand what Sam is saying. We have a very old magnolia right in the driveway. The leaves require constant, year-round sweeping up. It’s a love/hate relationship!

  50. We live in the deep south 20 miles inland from the gulf coast. I planted several magnolias from seeds given to us. When the trees were about 6-8ft tall there was one that had beautiful pink flowers. They had the same shape and size as the other white flowers on the other trees but pink. Some over energetic idiot on a tractor accidental got too close with a bush-hog and poof no more tree. We have looked and ask nurseries all over the US for another but so far it seems a misery as to it’s origin. Does anyone have any knowledge of this kind of tree?

  51. I am a Magnolia Grandiflora nut. I have so many porcelain and ceramic ones it’s crazy and I find it hard for anyone to be upset about a gorgeous Magnolia leave. I have been collecting the red seeds and now some entire pods. I have about 1/2 of a quart size ziplock bag. I can get some more. I live in a leased townhome and can’t keep or plant them all. I would love for every one of those seeds to be planted and bloom their little hearts out. If you want some email me at, and we’ll work out a small shipping and handling charge as I am not very well and it’s a chore to get to the P.O. I didn’t know I should soak them in water, I’ve been so busy collecting them. They are as beautiful as Jewels. Good luch Magnolia Lovers! Sam, the leaves are beautiful also! ha. Good Night, and I will dream of Magnolia’s!

  52. Thanks for tips. From magnolia state. How do you ship seeds? In cones, as scarified seeds, As unscarified seeds etc.? I have not heard of pink variety of magnolia grandiflora, tell me more?

  53. I live in central Illinois. My daughter brought me a few red seeds from Florida. She told me them are southern magnolia seeds. She knows I have always wanted one. The seeds are dried. Can they still grow are dried? Will they grow in Illinois? Should I just try to grow in pots and bring inside during the winter (maybe trying to keep them pruned like a small plant). I would be so excited to have them grow. Any suggestions or help would be so greatly appreciated.
    Many blessing to all

  54. Hi all, we live in Bavaria and had a beautiful magnolia tree in the garden when we bought the house. Now we’re trying to plant a second tree from the seed of the first one. Any tip or experience from a comparable climate (cold winter and warm, humid summer)?

  55. I live just outside of Seattle and my father has a purple Grandiflora Magnolia that blooms every spring without fail. The tree has been cut down twice but comes back every spring. We don’t get many seeds since competition with the squirrels is tough and it’s the only magnolia in the area. Unless the roots are damaged, I wouldn’t give up on your Magnolia Slayter.

  56. Thank you for this fabulous article. We live in a historic part of San Marcos in Texas – these magical and gorgeous Magnolia seeds decorate our sidewalks in October. You have inspired me to pick some up and try and grow some. Very excited.

  57. Hi every one. I have had so much fun reading all the stories that everybody has written regarding there magnolia tree. This is the first year we have had seed pods and it is a joy to see them our tree is about 35 years old. It is in our front garden and when we moved in 31 years ago it was just a small bush.

    To answer some of your questions regarding pruning, we have kept ours well cut back so as not to take our complete front garden over we still need to park our car!!! We trim it late October before any frost and after it has started to drop its leaves this has worked for us and we have a very full but not a high magnolia tree and it blossoms every spring and is a joy to see.
    Hope this is of help. All the best to every one out there loving there magnolia!!

  58. I bought a lot of magnolia seeds, white, yellow, pink, purple, etc. 🙂 Happy and exciting to plant. Often I open and see my paper box which has magnolia seeds inside and am dreaming with a smile on face that they all are growing and blooming in my garden. This is my very first time possess this lovely magnolia seeds, and I cannot wait to plant them. But I’m away from my country, and hopefully I will plant soon. Wish me luck. I love you, my gorgeous flowers.:)

  59. Dear Charis Boissevain
    I to live in San Marcos and I too would love to grow some magnolia trees on our property out on the rock off hilliard. If you happen to have extra let me know.

  60. i have a 10 year old magnolia in my back yard.this tree has not grown in size for the 5years that we’ve lived here. The tree has little small holes up and down the trunk, (hundreds). could this be the reason this tree is stunted? Thanks Jeff

  61. My question is Can u just plant the seed after cleaning prepping them to plant ? Or just follow directions for next spring? Today is April 24 I’m in Louisiana.

  62. My question is Can u just plant the seed after cleaning and prepping them to plant ? Or just follow directions for next spring? It’s June here in Georgia now. I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve got two seed pods from a friend that gave to me. She snapped them from the tree with some leaves still on them. The Magnolia tree is a southern that is also called Sweetbay. The seeds are not red. I have no way to insert a photo of the seed pods as they’re called I guess just from what I’ve read up on. The seeds are a dark brown to blackish color. Needing detailed instructions on how to prep the seeds for planting. I have these little seeds starter pots. Will these do, how many seeds to a starter pot or do I need bigger pots? Thanks in advance for any help I can get. Sincerely, Susan.

  63. About 15 years ago, I was looking for a Magnolia tree. The only one left in town was at Walmart, quite small and looked diseased, had spots on all the leaves. It was only $11.00 and the cashier told me I could get a refund if it died. I planted it and sprayed it with a fungicide. It grew into a tall, beautiful tree that I trim each year to keep it shorter than my gutters. What a bargain!

  64. Girlfriend just found a seedpod randomly outside work, took like half an hour for me to find out it was a magnolia pod. She has taken out several seeds and we are gonna try this approach to planting. Thanks for this page.

  65. I just received a pod from a Cucumber Tree or Mountain Magnolia. Should I use your directions for any other magnolia tree like the Southern Magnolia. I live in West Virginia and can put the seeds in potting mixture and place them in my basement if needed.

  66. My magnolia seedlings are now 18months old and only about 1 foot tall. My question is, when will the leaves starting getting the brown undersides? The leaves are all green at this stage.
    The seeds came from a Magnolia Little Gem.

  67. When you say to soak the seeds overnight before removing the red coating, why do you say to throw away any seeds that float?

    Thanks for you very informative help, and please advise!

  68. Hello from Paducah Kentucky. I have access to a large tree Magnolia tree that is covered with seed pods. I can and will send these to anyone if interested. Tree is on side of the street where I walk my two dogs everyday, weather permitting. Lilly belle (white girl boxer) and Lulu (small long haired dog maybe a Pappeon?? also a girl) Lulu just showed up here a year ago and still here. She and Lilly B. are best of buddies.

  69. I dont see any answers to the many questions posted here . Do you answer questions about magnolias? I will wait and see if I get an answer to this question and then I will pose my question about magnolias .


  70. Hi. I’m preparing to propogate some Magnolia acuminata. I didn’t know if I should scarify as well as stratify the seeds. You’ve answered my question. Thanks!

  71. There was a magnolia tree here on our property when we bought our current house in May 2017. My husband was working on trees and weeds near it about a week ago (November 4th or so, 2018) and I asked him to bring me the pretty pink “flower”. He did, with some leaves attached, and I put it in a pitcher with water. Well, I’m sitting away my kitchen table because that “flower” (seed pod, which I didn’t realize until ten minutes ago) has got some seeds popping out of it! I REALLY would love to have more trees. But! I’m in south eastern Pennsylvania, and we’re almost at freezing temps. So what do I do with these (absolutely gorgeous!) seeds? Should I keep them as is until it’s warm enough in spring to plant them, or must I plant them in some potting soil and after they’ve sprouted, plant them? I’m stumped! Please help!

    • Hi, Kathryn,
      Gardening questions can be tricky since the rules can change based on the region. We would suggest contacting your local Master Gardeners association.
      Master gardeners train on a range of topics so they can provide advice, at no charge, for people in their area.
      Here’s more information:
      Thanks for your question, and good luck!

  72. I followed these directions exactly and had complete success! I now have 30 Magnolia sprout lings. I am keeping them on my shady screened porch for now.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed this content! Please share it with friends — that’s how we’re able to create similar content.
      And may your magnolias thrive!

  73. I have followed the process for my magnolia seedlings and they are about 6 inches tall. They have not grown any taller over the past 2 months. I have kept them inside with a grow light because the weather here in Arkansas is hot with little or no rain. I thought keeping them inside would be best for them. Is there something I can do to get them to grow taller? The pots they are in are about 2 quarts in size.

    • Hi, Dayle,
      The rules of gardening vary by region. You didn’t include the location in Arkansas, so we suggest contacting your local Master Gardeners association.
      Master gardeners train on a range of topics so they can provide advice, at no charge, for people in their area.
      Let us know how it goes!


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