How to Change a Lawn Mower Air Filter

Foam lawn mower air filter.

How to Clean a Foam Air Filter

If your mower has a foam filter, you don’t have to replace it unless it’s torn or won’t come clean. Follow the above instructions to remove the filter from the mower, then:

  • Wash Foam Air Filter: Wash the foam air filter thoroughly using mild dish soap and water. Avoid using detergents – they’ll leave slippery residues that are nearly impossible to rinse out.
  • Dry Foam Air Filter: Squeeze any excess water out of the foam air filter, then dry it further by blotting the foam air filter with a clean rag or paper towels, until no more water comes out.
  • Oil Foam Air Filter: Before completing this step, check the owner’s manual for your lawn mower, since some newer models have non-oiled filters. To oil the filter, apply a spoonful of engine oil to the foam, and work the foam between your fingers to distribute the oil. Blot the foam air filter with a paper towel or rag to remove any excess oil – it just needs to be very lightly coated, not soaked. To keep your hands clean, you can drop the filter and a little oil down inside a plastic zip-top bag and work it in through the plastic.
  • Reattach Foam Air Filter: Put the foam air filter back in the compartment in the mower, and screw the cover back on.

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  1. The mower in the picture looks just like mine… I am trying to find a filter for it with no luck. Mine is a 2005 and the filter is about 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 and maybe 1 1/2 tall. I can not find the serial number, I think we changed the top with the pully because the string kept breaking. If this is the same mower what part numner do I need ?

    Thank you,

  2. The yardman is the same mower I have. Thats the filter I need where can I get one? Checked Lowes. Home Depot. And canadian tire. Also repair doesn’t recognize my model number. Cause its Canadian. Can you help me out? Thanks.


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