Green Thumb Curb Appeal, Part 2

Completed paver driveway and front lawn.
Completed paver driveway and front lawn.

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In the second episode of our two-part Green Thumb Curb Appeal series, we completed the transformation of the yard of homeowners Billy Kavula and Brenda Martens to give it brand new look.

Seal Paver Driveway and Walk

After the completion of the Pavestone paver parking area and walk, the pavers were sprayed with Quikrete High Gloss Sealer (No. 8800-06) to protect the surface from oil stains and bring out the color in the pavers.

Outdoor Furniture and Lattice

Adirondack chairs made from pressure treated pine.
Adirondack chairs on patio.

To add dimension and warmth to the concrete patio on the back of the house, pressure treated lattice from YellaWood was installed over the painted brick foundation of the house.

To furnish the patio, Adirondack tables and chairs were made from pressure treated pine using plans available online at

In addition, we built a garden bench from pressure treated wood to add a welcoming touch to the front of the house.

Watch our video on How to Build a Patio Planter for another pressure treated wood project that includes material and cutting lists and step-by-step instructions.

Build Fire Pit

Pavestone RumbleStone fire pit.
Pavestone RumbleStone fire pit.

Another improvement to the patio was installing a RumbleStone Café Kit square fire pit from Pavestone. The easy to assemble fire pit was assembled in less than 30 minutes.

To construct the fire pit, stack the three different size blocks together following the pattern in the plans, then assemble the metal insert and set it in place. A layer of sand was added inside the fire pit to keep the fire from damaging the concrete patio.

Watch our video on How to Build a Fire Pit to find out more.

Laying Grass Sod

Grass sod was laid to fill in bare areas around the paver driveway. Since the house is located in the deep South, St. Augustine grass was used. The warm season grass is shade and drought tolerant and grows well in hot Southern summers.

Allen Lyle, Danny Lipford, Brenda Martens, and Billy Kavula on completed patio.
Allen Lyle, Danny Lipford, Brenda Martens, and Billy Kavula on completed patio.

A Lawn-Boy, electric start, self propelled, 21” lawn mower will make it easy for Billy and Brenda to keep their lawn in shape. The mower has a large capacity rear bag and features an easy to adjust two-point blade height adjustment.

Watch How to Lay Sod and Plant Grass for tips on planting grass in your yard.

Other Tips from This Episode

Using window squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Pet Hair Carpet Removal

To remove pet hair from carpeting, attach an old mop handle to a window squeegee, and use the rubber blade to rake up the pet hair. After most of the pet hair has been removed, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get the rest. (Watch Video)

Ryobi Pressure Washer

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Ryobi Pressure Washer

The Ryobi gas powered pressure washer delivers 3,100 PSI. It has a 5-in-1 nozzle for easy spray adjustments, Idle Down technology, and a PowerFlex high-pressure hose. The Ryobi 3,100 PSI pressure washer is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Using drip irrigation to water plants.

Ask Danny Lipford:
Flower Bed Water Conservation

To reduce the amount of water needed for watering flower beds and shrubs, use a soaker hose or install a drip irrigation system to distribute water directly to the plants. In addition, apply a thick layer of mulch around plants to reduce evaporation. (Watch Video)


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