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We’re repairing and updating the front entryway of a house to improve both the curb appeal and function.

Replacing Damaged Siding

We started our home entry makeover by replacing a section of siding next to the roof of the house which had been damaged by a combination of the elements and squirrels. After removing the rotten siding, we replaced it with new fiber cement siding painted to match the house.

To find out more, read our articles on How to Install Fiber Cement Siding.

    Repairing Handrails and Posts

    Our next project was to repair the handrails on the steps. While we were able to reuse the handrails, the wooden posts needed to be replaced.

    Damaged handrail post.
    Damaged handrail post.

    After the old posts had been removed, new pressure treated 4”x4” posts were cut to length. The posts were beveled around the top with a circular saw to allow for drainage. Holes were drilled in the top, and the old turned finials installed.

    Once the new posts were set in place and plumbed, screws were used to attach them to the railings, and the post holes were filled with concrete.

    When the railings and posts had been repaired, they were sanded, primed, and painted.

    Repairing Brick Steps

    Much of the mortar in the brick steps had come out and needed to be replaced.

    After removing any loose mortar, the steps were wet, and a grout bag applicator used to fill the joints with mortar mix. A sponge and bucket of water was used to remove any excess mortar from the bricks.

    Watch our video on How to Repair Brick Mortar Joints to find out more.

    Replacing Front Door and Lock

    The weathered wood front door had seen better days, so it was replaced with a new, low maintenance, fiberglass door.

    Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt.
    Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt.

    The door was finished with a coat of gel stain to give it the look of real wood. After the stain had dried, exterior polyurethane was applied to protect it from the elements.

    A Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt with keyless entry was installed on the new door. The code on the lock can be set for up to 30 different combinations.

    The lock also has a built-in alarm and can be operated remotely from a smartphone through the Nexia Home Intelligence system.

    Replacing Entry Light Fixtures

    The light fixtures on either side of the front door had seen better days, so we replaced them with new ones from the Progress Lighting Resort Collection (model# P5913-122DI) to provide better lighting and improve the look of the house.

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