The first frost of the season always makes me reflective.

This morning, more or less on schedule, my garden was visited by the first frost of the season. It left everything glittering and gave the last of the summer annuals their “Uh, oh” look. Can it really be time for cold weather again?

Fall is the season for taking stock, putting things away, simplifying after a summer of lush abundance, with the first frost sounding the closing bell. And as I look back on my summer, it’s been by far the strangest one I’ve ever encountered! Between being sidelined with an Achilles injury and putting my house on the market, my normal (usually messy and strenuous and not-quite-finished) projects haven’t stood a chance! It’s been a summer of things around my house being . . . well, neat. Spotless. Untouched. Perfect. And where’s the fun in that?

One might argue that a low-key summer was just what the doctor ordered (literally and figuratively), but it lends a certain resistance to the approach of autumn. The season is telling me to wind things down, but I never really got wound up! Now, we both know I’m exaggerating – this past spring was a frenzy of epic proportions; and man, keeping things tidy is much harder than making a mess! But nonetheless, that’s the feeling on this frosty morning. As I curl up with hot cider by the first fire of the season, it’s doesn’t feel quite as well-deserved, you know?

Thankfully, the beauty of fall lies in its ability to change, sometimes in the blink of an eye. As I write this, the sunshine has burned up the glitter, leaving behind an absolutely perfect, irresistible, brisk fall day. Last week’s rain gave the lawn a growth spurt and a dusting of fallen leaves, and I can look out the window and come up with all sorts of reasons to get outside. Just when I finish reflecting on things winding down, it’s time to head outdoors and earn my cider!

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Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford


Danny Lipford is a home improvement expert and television personality who started his remodeling business, Lipford Construction, at the age of 21 in Mobile, Alabama. He gained national recognition as the host of the nationally syndicated television show, Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford, which started as a small cable show in Mobile. Danny's expertise in home improvement has also led him to be a contributor to popular magazines and websites and the go-to source for advice on everything related to the home. He has made over 200 national television appearances and served as the home improvement expert for CBS's The Early Show and The Weather Channel for over a decade. Danny is also the founder of 3 Echoes Content Studio,, and Checking In With Chelsea, a décor and lifestyle blog.

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