Backyard Becomes Awesome Playground

Travis and Jessica need a place where their four children can play — Danny and Chelsea provide the playground of their dreams!

Jessica and Travis moved into their house with their four young children two years ago.

But something’s been missing.

“What I envision, for our backyard, is a place where we can all play together,” Jessica says. “We love games; our family’s a big game family — and sports.”

“Really we were wanting a space outside where the kids could go and burn off energy,” Travis says.

With that in mind, Danny and Chelsea began taking measurements to put together a plan.

The Projects

This week, here’s what we have planned for Travis and Jessica’s home:

We’ll use the girls’ existing playhouse to anchor a small fenced-in area that will become their own pretend neighborhood, complete with oversized games for the whole family.
We’ll build a treehouse for the boys just off of the deck.
Behind the treehouse we’ll create a climbing wall with a cargo net on the backside.
Opposite the picket fence, along the back edge of the yard, we’ll put together a balance beam obstacle course.

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  1. It’s a joy to watch and consistent wishing to be on or a TV show. I have been thru much more than a common man. Was a single dad of 4, two of each. Had a home but it’s all turned to the worst. This is written to ask for a chance to repair and remodel my family’s old home.

  2. We need a yard like this! We have two year old triplets and moved one year ago. All of the projects that come with moving – plus two full time jobs – have kept us from creating a backyard that our kiddos deserve!


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