To create the ultimate backyard oasis, a healthy combination of greenery and privacy is crucial.

Think large-leafed plants, water or fire features, hardscapes, planter beds and pockets of shady spots to retreat in.

The best backyards are designed as a place to escape to. They go beyond the basics to create tranquil areas — complete with functional features ideal for relaxing, entertaining and living in.

If you’re looking to transform your space, the right garden fencing turns your garden into a haven from the outside world.

From picket-charm to fences that incorporate a mix of natural materials, here are tips to help you create your backyard oasis.

1. Modern Slats

wood privacy fence
An 8-foot vertical-slat fence adds beauty and privacy to the backyard.

Modern slat fencing adds an elegant but minimal appeal to homes.

Slats can be vertical or horizontal with multiple colors and materials available, depending on your space.

Modern black or white horizontal slats are simple and stylish. Wooden slats add a warm charm to homes and metal slats paired with concrete or brick fences can offer a fashionable look.

Slat fencing is a popular option for homeowners because it’s simple, durable and easy to maintain. Choose vertical slats for a picket fence appearance or horizontal for modern architecture. To allow for more privacy, wider aluminum slats are best.

2. Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence
Live in the tropics? A bamboo fence will fit right in!

Bamboo is an obvious choice for a tropical garden oasis. Affordable and exotic, bamboo fencing has a light and natural appearance that can be combined with timber, brick or stone for a more decorative feature.

Bamboo plants are also one of the best screening plants. Because of the coverage they provide and fast-growing characteristics, they can also be used as a garden hedge to screen off backyards.

3. The Planter Box Fence

Planter boxes and gardens go well together. They offer privacy without feeling fenced in, and when paired with plants, create a lush tropical space.

Planter box fences are ideal for small backyards, offering room to add more plant life. They can double as a bench to save space, or you can add planters to an existing fence to update.

To create a tropical garden, choose plant variety with bright greens and colors. Use a lot of lush layers with mid-sized shrubs and towering palms.

Large-leafed plants help to add drama and tropical style to the space, whereas plants like Ligularia and hostas are smaller but still make a big statement.

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